Halloween Mitch: Only Tricks, No Treats

He is invisible.  He vanishes from the scene.  He lurks in the shadows to sabotage conservatives at the most crucial points.  Then he swoops down and picks up the carcasses he helped create.


He is Mitch McConnell.

Here are the latest tricks in the invisible man’s grab bag:

  • Pass a Continuing Resolution to fund all of government, including every aspect of Obamacare, until January 15.  This date coincides with the activation of the 2014 sequester and is designed to set up a new fiscal cliff.
  • The January budget bill will be worked out by an oligarchy in a conference committee by mid-December.
  • Pass a debt ceiling increase into February with no strings attached.  And with extraordinary measures, Jack Lew will once again extend the disaster date until some politically advantageous time.
  • So what do Republicans get for the surrender?  They will verify that recipients are eligible for Obamacare before dolling out the subsidies.  The only problem is that verification is already the law on the books, yet Obama won’t follow it.  I’m sure he’s given his promise that he will follow this new iteration.

There you have it.  After holding almost the entire GOP conference in line for the past few weeks in order to ignore Obamacare and sabotage House Republicans, McConnell is now feasting on the carcasses.

Senate Republicans have worked to buttress the Democrats and undermine Republicans throughout this showdown.  This is Speaker Boehner’s time to shine.  He must tell McConnell to shove it.


The only way Republicans should sign onto this deal is if we have a budget conference on each of the twelve appropriations bills independently.  That way HHS and the IRS can be isolated.  Let’s discuss funding for Obamacare without Democrats holding everything else hostage.  Enough of this CR nonsense.  If we are going to pass a four-month budget in order to work out a deal, let’s do it properly – each bill independently. If we can make that demand as a precondition, then we could fight on the HHS and Financial Services bills, only shutting down HHS and IRS if Democrats continue to throw people of their health insurance.

Over the past three years, McConnell has worked to jam the House with bad legislation.  House Republicans owe him as much allegiance as they do Chuck Schumer.


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