Bringing Mitch McConnell Out of the Shadows

Mitch McConnell got another lucky break today when Obama announced his latest climate fascism that will cripple the coal industry.  He was provided with another low-hanging talking point to distract from the most immediate threat of amnesty – something he actually has the power to stop.


In case you were wondering why McConnell hasn’t given any floor speeches opposing this bill, and refused to state his position until the hour of the vote on Corker-Hoeven, take a look at this article at the Huffington Post:

The top two Republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and John Cornyn of Texas, might not be working for immigration reform in the upper chamber, but their allies off Capitol Hill are leading the advocacy efforts. Two of the most well-funded groups working on behalf of reform are being run by senior aides in McConnell and Cornyn’s circle. One, American Crossroads, is run by close McConnell ally Steven Law, and is pledging to spend seven figures to press Republicans to approve reform. Law has said that reelecting McConnell, his longtime mentor, is the group’s top electoral priority., the tech-funded group pushing for immigration reform, has tens of millions of dollars pledged to the fight. Rob Jesmer runs FWD’s D.C. operations as its campaign manager. He was executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee for the 2012 cycle, meaning he was in charge of electing and reelecting Senate Republicans, reporting to both Cornyn and McConnell. Previously he served as Cornyn’s chief of staff and is now a partner with FP1 Strategies, which represents Cornyn. Brian Walsh, the former spokesman for the NRSC, is also closely working with FWD. Jesmer and Walsh are both known in Washington as part of John Cornyn’s circle, having both worked under him at the NRSC. Cornyn is now the No. 2 Republican in the Senate and has been speaking out against immigration reform amid his reelection bid in Texas. An amendment he pushed to include was considered by reform backers as an attempt to kill the legislation, and its defeat gave the process a boost of momentum.


The Senate Conservatives Fund is spearheading an effort to bring Mitch McConnell out of the shadows on the immigration issue and document him as a friend or a foe.  He is caught between his base of consultants/donors and his constituents.

It’s easy to stand with his constituents on the issue of coal.  After all, there is no pending legislation on the issue.

There is pending legislation that will remake America and balloon the welfare state.  Mitch McConnell is the GOP Leader.  It’s high time for him to unite the conference behind a bold message of enforcement-first.  Unfortunately, Schumer is working overtime to buy off a few more Republicans so he can achieve his goal of passing this bill on Thursday with 70 votes.  Instead of speaking out against the bill, McConnell said today that he hopes the House produces a companion bill and goes to conference.  It makes you wonder why he even bothered to vote against Corker-Hoeven yesterday….Not!

It’s time for Mitch McConnell to reclaim his status as GOP leader from Chuck Schumer.


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