Trey Gowdy With Another Epic Smackdown at Committee Hearing

I almost broke my computer screen watching John Conyers and Luis Gutierrez at the Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday, but it was all worthwhile to see another smackdown from Trey Gowdy.


The subject of yesterday’s hearing was the Safe Act (HR 2278), sponsored by Trey Gowdy, the chairman of the immigration subcommittee.  This bill represents true immigration reform that protects America first.  Among other things, this bill unambiguously authorizes states to assist in enforcing immigration laws and passing laws to complement federal laws, cracks down on sanctuary cities, facilitates immediate removal of criminal aliens, expands programs that screen out security risks in our visa program, and bolsters ICE agents in their ability and latitude to detain and deport criminals.

The hearing featured a legal immigrant, Sabine Durden, who lost her son at the hands of an illegal alien drunk driver who had already been convicted of two DUIs and a slew of other crimes.  Under the Senate deform bill, this person would be granted amnesty.  Under Gowdy’s bill, or had the laws already on the books been enforced, this person would have been deported immediately.

Next to Ms. Durden sat an obnoxious lawyer from the National Immigration Law Center, the type of organization that helps illegals subvert our sovereignty.  She smugly asserted that law enforcement lacked the skill and ability to enforce federal laws, even though they assist with enforcement of dozens of other federal statutes on a daily basis.  She played the racial profiling card too.  The juxtaposition of Ms. Durden and this slip-and-fall lawyer was surreal.

Needless to say, Congressman Gowdy was not happy:


[Video is not working – click here]

This guy is bringing new life to all the major congressional hearings.  Maybe he should bring some life to the insipid atmosphere in the Senate one day.  Actually, there is a senator from his state who reflects the views of the immigration lawyers, and he is up for reelection next year.

To digress, this is a very good bill that should exemplify a unifying conservative message on the issue within the House.  My only concern is that leadership will take this bill and use it as a vehicle to go to conference with Schumer, and parachute in all the junk.  Members of the committee must receive a commitment that their bills will not be adulterated by the stuff they were sent to Washington to block.  They should not pass a bill out of committee if it will be used as a Trojan horse for amnesty-first.  A good opportunity to broach this issue will be next month’s party conference meeting over immigration, where conservatives plan to codify the Hastert Rule as part of the official conference rules.  This will help us not just for immigration, but for the debt ceiling, spending bills, highway bill, and farm bill.

Either way, it’s time we start bringing a Trey Gowdy to a Chuck Schumer fight.


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