Boehner Can’t Give Away the House Fast Enough

What is worse than striking out?  Grounding into a double play.

Not only is Boehner prepared to raise taxes – both through capping deductions and increasing marginal rates – he is now prepared to preemptively surrender our last point of leverage in one fell swoop.  The media is now reporting that Boehner offered Obama a clean 1-year debt ceiling extension as part of the deal to raise taxes in return for fake spending cuts.


The debt ceiling fight presents us with an enormous opportunity to change the subject from revenue to spending cuts.  It also provides Republicans with a teachable opportunity t illustrate how absurdly Obama has squandered the entire $2.1 trillion debt increase in just 16 months.

But that would require articulation and communication, arduous tasks for Republicans.  Why go through the trouble of contrasting your views when you could just wash your hands of the issue and cave?

Boehner is acting like a desperate person on a sinking ship who is tossing everything overboard.

Taxes?  You got it.

Debt ceiling?  Take everything you want.

Amnesty?  Please take it off my hands.

What’s next?  Why doesn’t he offer cap and trade, an assault weapons ban, and a VAT?  And because the Democrats picked up a few seats in the House, maybe he should offer Pelosi a Christmas present of half the committee chairmanships?


This is a man who would pay more than the sticker price for a car.

When you couple this capricious behavior with his purge of conservatives from committees, you have to wonder if this is 1984 all over again – a situation where the opposition is nothing more than a part of the party in power.

Whether it’s incompetence or malevolence is not our concern.  Boehner must step down in place of someone who will offer us a choice, not a feeble echo.



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