A Day’s Work in the House of Lords

Earlier today, the Senate began voting on a series of 30 amendments to the highway bill (S.1813).  The three important amendments regarding energy subsidies that we referenced earlier (2 bad, 1 good) were postponed until next week.  However, here is a list of other commonsense amendments that were voted down by Democrats.  It is truly sad that at a time when gas prices are at a record high Democrats are willing to place the interests of the eco-radicals ahead of American consumers.  They also showed that, once again, they have no interest in creating jobs or cutting spending:

  • Hoeven amendment no. 1537 that would provide for approval of the Keystone XL pipeline between Canada and the United States.  It was rejected 56-42 (60 votes were required).  Only 11 Democrats were willing to vote for Keystone, and even most of those only did so once they realized that the amendment would fail anyway.
  • Collins amendment no. 1660 that would delay the implementation of EPA emission standards for industrial and commercial boilers, known as Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) standards, and grant the agency 15 months to propose new rules.  It was rejected 52-46 (60 votes were required).  8 Democrats voted for the amendment; Scott Brown voted against it.  Again, those Democrats got a hall pass to support an amendment that was destined to fail anyway.
  • Vitter  amendment no. 1535 that would allow new oil and gas leases throughout the outer continental shelf. It was rejected 44-54 (60 votes were required).  3 Democrats voted for it; Brown, Collins, Murkowski, and Snowe voted against it.

  • Coburn amendment no. 1738 that would direct the OMB to find at least $10 billion in spending recissions from eliminating and consolidating duplicative  programs.  It was rejected 52-46 (60 votes were required).  Only 7 Democrats were willing to eliminate duplicative programs; 6 of them are up for reelection this year.
  • Senator Corker raised a budgetary point of order against the entire highway bill, charging that the spending levels in the bill breach the caps set forth in the Budget Control Act.  The Senate voted 66-31 on Barbabra Boxer’s motion to waive that point of order, thereby upholding the legitimacy of the highway bill.  14 Republicans joined Democrats in support of Barbabra Boxer.

What a day’s work for our esteemed members of the Senate!

We’ll do it all over again next week.  Remember that irrespective of the outcome of the amendment process, there will be no excuses for voting for the underlying bill next week.  And that goes for the House as well, where they will evidently agree to vote on whatever budget-busting bill the Democrats send them.

Cross-posted from The Madison Project


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