Roger Williams (R CAND, TX CD-33) Pins the Tail on the Donkey

Roger Williams, former Secretary of State under Rick Perry in Texas, is running for Congress to teach the young donkeys about the values of this country.  The newly-created 33rd district will cover the staunchly conservative suburbs of Fort Worth.  The Republican nominee will be a shoo-in for the general election, and it appears that we just might have our man in Roger Williams.


Here is Roger Williams’s epic campaign ad:

Texas Republicans have really exhibited good judgement in utilizing their talent this year.  Originally, there were several solid candidates running for the Senate seat being vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison.  Once it became clear that there would be four new congressional districts, former Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams opted to run for Congress in the newly 25th district, while Roger Williams (not related to Michael) is beating up the donkeys in district 33.  This has left former Solicitor General Ted Cruz with the inside track for the Senate seat.  Good work, Texas Republicans.

If you want to help Roger Williams spread his message of self-reliance to the parasitic donkeys, you can check out his website and send him a donation.



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