The NRA is Helping Preserve the Anti Gun Democrat Majority

Believe it or not, the only ones who might help Nancy Pelosi save her House majority are those who run legislative affairs at the NRA.  So called Blue Dog Democrats across the nation are campaigning as red meat conservatives in their home districts, while running deceptive ads about their Republican opponents.  They campaign as if they have nothing to do with the Democrat Party that they propelled to power and which passed all of the nefarious legislation that they purport to oppose.  The sick irony is that the more successful these liars are in distancing themselves from Pelosi, the more likely it will be that Pelosi will remain Speaker.  Here is my previous report on the need to expose the blue dogs.  Also, check out the Club for Growth’s excellent report on the lie of the conservative Democrat.


Fortunately, as long as the conservative rhetoric is coming from the Democrat candidates themselves, the voters aren’t buying it.  However, when the NRA parachutes in and endorses that Democrat for reelection over their 2nd amendment champion Republican opponents, people might give credence to their claims of being born again conservatives.  The sad thing is that the NRA is endorsing Democrats in the very districts that we must win in order to obtain 39 seats.  Here is a list of some of the Democrats who the NRA is endorsing that could cost us the majority:

AL-2: Bobby Bright
AR-4: Mike Ross
Ca-18: Dennis Cardoza
CO-3: John Salazar
CO-4: Betsy Markey
FL-2: Allen Boyd
Ga-2: Sanford Bishop
Ga-8: Jim Marshall
Ga-12: John Barrow
IA-3: Leonard Boswell
IL-11: Debbie Halvorson
IL-12: Jerry Costello
IN-Senate-Brad Ellsworth
IN-2: Joe Donnely
IN-8: Trent Van Haaften
IN-9: Baron Hill
KY-6: Ben Chandler
MD-1: Frank Kratovil
MI-1: Gary McDowell
MN-1: Tim Walz
MS-1: Travis Childers
MS-4: Gene Taylor
MO-4: Ike Skelton
NC-7: Mike McIntyre
NC-8: Larry Kissell
NC-11: Heath Shuler
ND-At Large: Earl Pomeroy
NM-1: Martin Heinrich
NM-2: Harry Teague
NM-3: Ben Lujan
NY-20: Scott Murphy
NY-23: Bill Owens
NY-24: Mike Acruri
OH-Gov. Ted Strickland
OH-6: Charlie Wilson
OH-16: John Boccieri
OH-18: Zack Space
OK-2: Dan Boren
OR-5: Kurt Schrader
PA-4: Jason Altmire
PA-10: Chris Carney
PA-11: Paul Kanjorski
PA-12: Mark Critz
PA-17: Tim Holden
SD-At Large: Stephanie Sandlin
TN-4: Lincoln Davis
TN-8: Roy Herron
TX-17: Chet Edwards
UT-2: Jim Matheson
VA-2: Glenn Nye
VA-5: Tom Perriello
VA-9: Rick Boucher
WI-3: Ron Kind
WI-8: Steve Kagen
WV-Senate: Joe Manchin
WV-3: Nick Rahall


There are a total of 53 Democrats in competitive/semi competitive districts that the NRA has endorsed.  There is simply no pathway to the majority without winning most of these seats.  Let me pose the following question.  What would be a more effective advertisement in these districts, an endorsement from the Sierra Club or from the NRA?  I think that it is quite clear that the NRA is one of the most effective organizations that are helping to preserve the Democrats majority.

It is important to note that the NRA is also staying out of some of the most vital Senate races like the Nevada Senate race because they are too scared of angering the Democrats.  In addition, they have endorsed Joe Manchin in West Virginia and Brad Ellsworth in Indiana.

The damning question for the hacks at the NRA is this.  If your endorsements really achieve their desired results and save those red district Democrats from defeat, then how can the GOP take back the House?  Do you really think that a Pelosi led congress would be more pro second amendment than the Republican led congress?

The NRA political hacks keep repeating ad nauseum that they endorse pro second amendment candidates, not conservative ones.  But here is the problem.  They are endorsing those who belong to a party that is anti gun at its core, and who are only pandering to the gun lobby to get elected in their right leaning districts.  Worse yet, they are endorsing these frauds over staunch pro gun legislators like Andy Harris (MD-1) and Kristi Noem (SD-At Large).  They make it seem as if they are endorsing pro gun Democrats over anti gun Republicans!


Do they not see through the election year pandering of the blue dogs?  Are they unaware of their Republican challengers, many of them having stellar pro gun records in state legislatures?  Can they really say with a straight face that dingy Harry is just as pro gun as Sharon Angle?  Do they understand that even if the blue dog is sincerely pro gun, it is totally worthless because he will be preserving the anti gun majority who control the leadership positions, chairmanships, and Rules Committee?  Surely, these veteran politicos are aware of the political dynamic of the 2010 elections and the legislative process.  They simply care about their own self preservation and political clout on the Hill, even at the expense of the second amendment.

The NRA knows that electing a Republican majority would be the best way to preserve the second amendment and protect gun rights.  But the end game for the NRA is not the protection of gun rights; it is the preservation of the NRA.  They have wagered that by playing ball with the Democrats, the NRA will project a more bi-partisan image and thus obtain some clout with the real power brokers.  They will be able to obtain such favors as exceptions from the unconstitutional Disclose Act.

I understand exactly what these political hacks are thinking.  It is kind of the same approach that AIPAC has taken when advocating for specific foreign policy positions.  They fear that if they support the Republican’s authentic pro-Israel stances (like moving the embassy to Jerusalem or cutting off all aid to the PLO terrorists), the Democrats cannot and will not support it.  The end result would be that AIPAC would lose clout with the Democrats and be marginalized in terms of their record of success and effectiveness.  They will therefore oppose measures that help Israel (and by extension, America) in order to promote and preserve their own influence on Capitol Hill.  The NRA is no different.


This is exactly what is motivating the NRA to endorse incumbent Democrats who sport a marginally pro gun record.  They get to brag about a bi-partisan influence, while incentivizing Democrats to cut them deals.  What they don’t realize is that these Democrats are part of a radical left majority that despises gun rights.  The Democrat leadership will give these blue dogs a hall pass to vote against them on gun issues, but there is a major catch.  Leadership will fail to bring up any meaningful gun legislation during their tenure as majority party in congress. Think about it, how many substantive roll call votes have been taken on gun issues during the 111th congress?  Three?  Four?  So now, these blue dogs get to promote their “three gun votes to know where” and the NRA will support them over a Republican who has fought for gun rights in a substantive and proactive way during their entire career.

Even though the NRA gets most of their support from conservative Republicans and its success has invariably been linked to the conservative movement, they are now divorcing themselves from us.  Well, we should reciprocate the favor and pledge not one dime for these frauds.  Gun Owners of America is the real pro second amendment organization in this country!  They will protect the second amendment along with every amendment by electing a conservative majority.
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