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Ed Buck is a despicable man.  He is an avid LGBTQ to the infinity power activist and businessman originally from Arizona but now resides in West Hollywood, California.  This past Tuesday, he was arrested after another victim suffered a drug overdose in his home.  Thankfully, the person in question was rushed to the hospital and survived.  The same cannot be said for two other drug overdose victims who died in the very same house where the current victim managed to survive.


In July 2017, Gemmel Moore was found in Buck’s apartment dead from an apparent drug overdose.  Eighteen months later, Timothy Dean was found dead from a drug overdose in the same apartment from methamphetamine.  No charges were filed due to a lack of evidence despite the fact the apartment was littered with drug paraphernalia.  Hmmmm…

Buck is well-known in Democrat circles as a mega-donor.  The former male model has donated to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton.  The following is a list of his donations:

  • $2,000 to Jerry McNerney (D-CA)
  • $1,000 to Barney Frank (D-MA)
  • $1,000 to Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA)
  • $24,600 to Krystem Sinema (D-AZ)
  • $1,000 to Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-CA)
  • $1,000 to Jackie Rosen (D-NV)
  • $10.60000 to Ted Lieu (D-CA)
  • $5,400 to Adam Schiff (D-CA)
  • $,2700 to Hillary Clinton (D-???)

Besides these well-known names, he has donated to various losing candidates and local politicians in Hollywood as well as his PAC, “Getting Stuff Done.”  That PAC was likely first funded in an effort to get Sinema effectively elected to the Senate from Arizona.

According to the coroner’s report in the Moore death, in a notebook of the victim’s he noted that he used drugs with someone whose name was redacted in the report.  According to a civil suit filed by the mother of Moore, that name is none other than Ed Buck.  In the living room when the body was found, male pornography was playing on the television.  Investigators found various sex toys and methamphetamine in the living room of Buck.   However, LA county sheriffs found no indication of foul play and the death was ruled accidental.  The civil suit against Buck has been moved to federal court since Moore was from Texas and was allegedly lured to California by Buck


Timothy Dean was the next victim.  Buck told investigators that Dean was acting strange and that he tied a  noose around his neck and attempted to kill himself.  After Buck removed the noose, he did what any red-blooded Good Samaritan would do- he took a shower.  Upon returning to the living room, he found Dean dead and called the police.  He claimed they did not do drugs and did not have sex, although the death was ruled an accidental drug overdose of methamphetamine.

The latest victim managed to escape Buck’s apartment and called 9-1-1.  According to police reports, upon investigation, they found pictures of many men in various compromising sexual situations.

All three victims had one thing in common- they were black.  What is surprising about the case is that there is nary a word about the obvious perversion involved yet many articles in the Leftist press about gay black men being preyed upon.  For example, Rolling Stone ran this headline: “Ed Buck’s Arrest Has Stirred Up the Far-Right- But the Story is Even Bigger Than They Realize.”  The subtitle is: “Buck’s Arrest Points to a Bigger Systemic Failure in America.”   And what can that bigger “systemic failure” be?  You guessed it- the United States (the country, I tell you!) is failing to protect gay black men.


The problem of the Left is not the perverted lifestyle of some homosexuals (who happen to be major Democrat donors).  Once again, they have racialized the issue.  The problem is not that Ed Buck drugged and engaged in weird acts with homosexual victims.  The problem is that the three victims happened to be black.  One wonders what their reactions would be if the victims were white?    Perhaps if they were Latino, we would hear about white gay men preying upon vulnerable Hispanic gay men and, God forbid if they were “dreamers.”

This is not a racial story.  This is a story of perversion taken into a new stratosphere.  Simply, Ed Buck is a pervert who managed to get away with two murders.  He managed to get away with it because he was a donor to the Democrats.  One can rest assured that after the death of Gennel Moore in West Hollywood if Ed Buck were a Trump supporter, he would be pilloried long before now in the Leftist press.  He would be branded a brown-shirted Nazi and would become the face of the Trump supporter.

One can only hope that this piece of human scum suffers the maximum penalty and that Gennel Moore’s mother prevails in her civil lawsuit.  If he can donate $43,200 to the likes of people like Adam Schiff, Kyrsten Sinema, and Hillary Clinton, he surely can payout at least $100,000 to Moore’s mother.


May the piece of scum rot in hell.


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