The Culture Wars #111: Nudists, Pronouns and Some Good News

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This author presents for your perusal and entertainment, the following seven stories from the annals of social justice that may or may not have made headlines over the past week.  This is a continuous effort to delve into the mind of the mentally deranged who, in many cases, have too much free time on their hands.


When Virtual Unanimity is “Divisive”

The House took time out from grilling St. Robert Mueller to pass a non-binding resolution in opposition to the Leftist “Boycott, Divest & Sanction” movement against Israel.  As everyone knows, Israel is a racist state where Palestinians have a higher standard of living than in Palestinian-controlled areas or any Arab country for that matter.  Regardless, the resolution passed 398-17.  CNN carried this headline in response:  House Approves Resolution Opposing Israel Boycott Movement in Divisive Vote.    Only CNN could consider an almost unanimous non-binding resolution, “divisive.”

Speaking of Congresscritters

Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is in the news a lot recently.  The ungrateful Somali-born member of Congress from Little Mogadishu in Minnesota has come under criticism from President Trump.  Hodan Nalayeh is a Somali-born journalist from Canada who decided to prove Trump wrong by returning to her homeland to show what a “beautiful” country it truly was.  Unfortunately, she never returned alive after being killed by terrorists in that beautiful country.  Karma…

This is Diversity in America

Deb Feinen is the mayor of Champaign, Illinois- a college town (pop. 88,000).  She decided to replaced Kenton Elmore, a white man, with Ahmed Taha on the city’s Human Relations Commission citing the need for “diversity.”  In 2013, the esteemed Mr. Taha published a photo of a dead Egyptian boy with his words: “O Muslim, O servant of God. There is a Jew behind me, come kill him.”  He has also accused Egyptian president el-Sisi of secretly being a Jew, and Joe Biden of being a Zionist and part of the “Rothschild Zionist Secret Regime in America.”  The woke among us have a copy of “The Elders of Zion” under their mattress.


Celebrating Apollo 11…With Climate Change?

It was inevitable and the New York Times did not let us down.  Equating the challenges that sent a man to the moon, an editorial said a similar effort to stop global warming is a task worthy of the country.  Said the editorial: “Could a “moon shot” for climate change cool a warming planet?So why not do it all over again — but instead of going to another astronomical body and planting a flag, why not save our own planet?”  The whole analogy is silly since everyone knows the moon landing was staged in a secret location in the Arizona desert…

Third Person Singular Pronouns Placed in the Memory Hole

Berkeley, California- the birth of the free speech movement in the 1960’s- recently passed an ordinance that updated the Newspeak Dictionary.  Henceforth, a “manhole” will be known as a “maintenance hole” and fraternities and sororities will be known as “collegiate Greek system residences,” among other changes.  Chief among them, the city council will no longer use the terms “he” or “she,” preferring instead the plural (hence, incorrect) terms “them” or “they” to refer to a male or a female.


Perverts Complaining About Perverts

This one is just funny.  In 2017, a portion of a park in Paris was dedicated to use by nudists because everyone knows that Parisians need a place to walk about naked in public in broad daylight.  However, the nudists are now complaining that voyeurs and exhibitionists are spoiling their naked jaunts in the park.  Who would have thought this would happen?  No word yet on rumors that South Bend mayor and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg was spotted in the bushes.

And Some Good News…But We Knew This All Along

The National Academy of Sciences recently published a report analyzing over 900 police shootings that ended in a fatality.  They concluded that a white police officer was not more likely to shoot a non-white suspect than are non-white police officers.  Said the report: “We find no evidence of anti-Black or anti-Hispanic disparities across shootings, and White officers are not more likely to shoot minority civilians than non-White officers.   The study also found that in the overwhelming majority of cases, the suspect was armed.  You will not hear this study being discussed in the media because it destroys the narrative and an excuse to burn a city after looting it.  No doubt, the NAS study is the work of the dreaded Russians.


Well, that’s it for this week.  Catch you on the rebound as the stories are already building up.




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