Political Discord? The Left As Russian Agents

Russian President Vladimir Putin listens to a question at a joint news conference with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni at the Bocharov Ruchei state residence in Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed the ongoing scandal around U.S President Donald Trump sharing classified intelligence with Russian officials as “political schizophrenia.” (Yuri Kadobnov/ Pool photo via AP)

Perhaps the most befuddling aspect of Trump’s foreign policy is his cozy relations with international strongmen like Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un.  They are befuddling because while Trump plays “good cop” with words, in the more important action realm, he has played “bad cop.”

To recap, let’s look at some of Trump’s tangible actions:

  • he is the first President to put muscle behind a nuclear-free North Korea;
  • sanctions and credible threats against North Korea brought them to the table;
  • Trump has extended or kept in place crippling sanctions against Russia;
  • Trump has pushed back against Russian influence in the Middle East, especially Syria;
  • Trump has placed pressure on Iran, Russia’s key ally in the Middle East;
  • Trump has sent lethal weapons to the Ukraine, something Obama refused to do;
  • Trump ended the policy of surrendering Syrian airspace to Russia, and;
  • in a direct skirmish with Russian mercenaries in Syria, the US wiped them out.

In terms of Russian influence in our electoral process, including 2016, every head of Trump’s intelligence community has confirmed that fact and insist Russia will continue to do so as part of Putin’s international strategy.  They have also confirmed that other countries like China, North Korea and Iran are engaged in covert operations against our electoral system.  That should come as no surprise- it is what covert operations are all about and we do it also.  Despite the narrative of the Democratic Left and their willing patsies in the media, we are, through sanctions and covert operations, taking steps to counter these foreign influences.


The Left tries to disconnect these actions by these departments and agencies for political talking points.  Yet, they are nevertheless the actions of the Trump administration and Trump appointees.  We can question the motivation behind the “good cop/bad cop” game, but it is apparent that Trump is not allowing America to be a patsy to our adversaries.

Since the 2016 election, there is the general consensus that Putin and Russia was and continues to be a meddler in US affairs.  The reason is to breed dissension, discord, and eventually electoral chaos.  Some have come to the conclusion that Putin has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.  The politics of the present are being blamed for Chinese recalcitrance in trade talks and intellectual property theft.  It is blamed for North Korean slow-walking denuclearization.  It is blamed for Russian forays into Venezuela.  If Putin wanted to breed dissension, then he has succeeded, but who is to blame?

The prevailing narrative among Democrats, the Left and the sycophants in the media place the blame on one person- Donald Trump.  It is the radical Left and their known allies who is breeding the dissent, Trump’s alleged bromance with strongmen notwithstanding.  The election of 2016 sent shock waves through the ranks of traditional liberals like Hillary and the far Left folks like Bernie.  Along the way, it made the media look like fools.


So what did the Democrats do?  They reached back to 1860 and began a campaign against Trump much like they did in 1860 against the election of Lincoln.  Then, they started a war.  Now, they do Putin’s bidding.  While Obama used the usual platitudes and wished the country well under Trump, the Left was mobilizing through the media, labor, and academia to oppose Trump at every turn.  It was constant negativism motivated by a belief that nothing should be done to normalize the Trump presidency.

Put another way, the battle cry of the Left and their allies in the Democratic Party was to create political chaos at all costs.  It was designed to disrupt Trump from performing his presidential duties and putting into his place his policies which voters wanted.  At the high end of their hopes was a Trump resignation or impeachment, something many still hold out for.  At the lower end, it was designed to make his reelection a tougher effort than 2016.

Looking at these objectives of the Left, we find they dovetail nicely with the objectives of none other than Vladimir Putin.  Unlike Putin, they have succeeded in not only undermining Trump, but the presidency itself.  Unlike Putin, they have access to the federal court system where they shop for friendly Obama-appointed judges to thwart every policy Trump enacts.  Unlike Putin, who had to buy about $100,000 worth of Facebook ads, they have a willing media to go along with the narrative.  And unlike Putin, they have Congressional subpoenas at their disposal.


Since the 1960’s, the Left has had an authoritarian anti-American strand that is growing more influential as we speak.  You have dopes like Ilhan Omar in Congress who blame the failures of socialism in Venezuela on the United States.  You have morons like Rashida Tlaib in Congress who blames Israel for a barrage of 700 Hamas rockets aimed at Israel.  You have imbeciles like AOC comparing Obama-era detention facilities to Holocaust concentration camps.  The American news media like CNN, with their international reach, interprets every Trump action and word in the most negative of lights breeding resentment in foreign countries.  They carry Putin’s message to the world.

If political chaos and disruption were the goals of Putin and Russia as virtually everyone with an ounce of functional gray matter in their skull concedes, the Leftist Resistance movement deserves a huge thank you card from Putin for doing his bidding.  Putin has gotten one helluva bang for his buck.

If you are truly concerned about Russian interference in US elections, there is a surefire way to thwart their efforts.  Instead of working against Trump, try working with Trump.  But, too much hatred has been invested in efforts by the Left to go back now.  They are, for lack of a better phrase, a squadron of Russian agents.




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