Some Hilarity Courtesy of DailyKos

Every so often, this writer likes to peak in on the fine folks at DailyKos- a Lefty online site- to see what the loons on the Left are talking about, what crawled under their knickers, and what they consider things worth fighting for.  One of their subject areas is called “Community Action” where someone somewhere determines that something is some kind of problem and they establish online petitions.  Currently, there are 20 of them.  Here they are in reverse order of popularity:


#20 A Federal Moratorium on the Death Penalty- 48,016 signatures

Not sure if this is really a problem given the small number of executions, especially at the federal level, but hey- its something to bitch about…

#19 Debt-free College Education for All- 50,676 signatures

One of the pipe dreams of liberals everywhere who seem to believe that a college education is a God-given right enshrined in the Constitution.  This writer is behind making college cheaper and we can start by ceasing the practice of affirmative action in admissions where untalented future Gap cashiers are admitted.

#18 Pass the Dream and Promise Act- 54,157 signatures

Described as legalizing over 2 million “dreamers” and providing a pathway to citizenship, it could better be described as the “Admit 2 Million More Democratic Voters Act of 2019.”  Funny- when Trump offered a similar suggestion in exchange for wall funding, the Democrats gave an emphatic “NO!”

#17 Have Pompeo Rescind the Gag Rule on Abortion- 60,757 signatures

The first of two petitions on this subject, they fancy not killing babies as denying women around the world from gaining access to healthcare.  Only a liberal can twist logic this way.

#16 No More Tax Breaks for Amazon/ End Corporate Welfare- 63,793 signatures

This is just a shout out to that Latina from the Bronx.

#15 Rescind the Abortion Gag Rule Domestically- 71,514 signatures

Here, they fancy not killing babies as denying American women access to healthcare.


#14 Arranged Child Marriages is Child Abuse- 72,376 signatures

OK- I think we can be in agreement with over 72,000 liberals on this one.  Who said bipartisanship is dead?

#13 CNN Should Not Hire a Republican Operative as Political Editor- 82,915 signatures

Not quite sure of the controversy here, but it is sad that more liberals think this is a problem than is arranged child marriages…

#12 Manafort’s Sentence is a Disgrace/No More Right Wing Judges- 83,609 signatures

They cite the Federal Sentencing Guidelines which, ironically, also call for the death penalty in some instances (see #20).  And right wing judges?  What America do they live in?

#11 Stop Kemp in Georgia- 84,925 signatures

Apparently under the Svengali bovine gaze of Stacey Abrams, removing people who are dead or who have moved out of the state is now voter suppression in Georgia.

#10 Protect Voting Machines From Foreign Influence- 108,577 signatures

OK- we can agree in theory even though there is zero evidence that any voting machine has been hacked and influenced by foreign entities.  Still, if it instills confidence in the electoral process AND if Hillary Clinton operatives stay out of the Ukrainian embassy, I think we can be in agreement here.

#9 Have Democrats Keep Investigating Trump- 114,115 signatures

They don’t need online petitions for this to happen as long as you have Maxine Waters, Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff at the wheel.  They pinky swear they’ll find something yet.


#8 Tax the Rich Way Much More- 132,297 signatures

This is the obligatory “pay their fair share” rhetoric we hear from people like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and AOC.  ZZZZZZZ….  It is getting mundane and boring now.

#7 Have Candidates for President Release Tax Returns in Exchange for Ballot Access- 137,948 signatures

Likely, unconstitutional but when has that stopped a liberal?  Besides, everyone knows Trump is a no good, dirty rotten sonofabitch scoundrel, lying, racist, misogynist bastard anyway.

#6 Indict Sean Hannity for Obstruction of Justice- 153,514 signatures

This is my personal favorite petition they have going and says all you need to know about readers of DailyKos…

#5 No Pardon for Trump Family Members- 216,467 signatures

No need since St. Robert Mueller found no wrongdoing or illegal activity to pardon.  That must really sting the Left.

#4 Undo the Trump Solar Tariffs- 239,249 signatures

Actually, a little background here.  What they are really talking about is tariffs on Chinese-produced goods and since the Chinese produce the bulk of solar panels used in the United States, the tariffs imposed by Trump are, they say, killing the solar energy sector.  One can’t tell in my little neck of the woods given the number of solar panels.  Perhaps, if American producers lowered the costs, there would be no problem.

#3 Do Not Punish NFL Kneelers- 245,245 signatures

Are the Kneelers an expansion team?  Where do they play?

#2 Suspend Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance- 307,151 signatures


Other than the fact he is related to Trump which is a crime in and of itself to the Left, they don’t really give a reason for suspending his security clearance.  Now, we can talk about nepotism and such, but they don’t.  Still, apparently Jared Kushner is in the craw of over 300,000 liberals.  Hmmm…could it be that he is Jewish?

#1 Elect the President by National Popular Vote- 2,039,589 signatures

Some Democratic presidential wannabes are also behind this initiative.  They’re just upset because in two of the last 5 elections, their candidate did not win despite garnering more popular votes.  Of course, over 2 million liberals don’t know the purpose behind the Electoral College and about half of them think it is a university in Kansas.  It would likely require a Constitutional amendment, so they can cry and sign online petitions until Stacey Abrams comes home.



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