Leftist Hatred

Promoted from the diaries by streiff. Promotion does not imply endorsement.

Poor Nathan Philips- the Indian “leader” and “Vietnam war vet” badly in need of dental implants and drumming lessons.  No sooner had he earned his out sized 15 minutes of fame when Tom Brokaw  comes along and steals his thunder with-*gasp!*- comments about Hispanics and assimilation.  It would appear that rage is all the rage these days.  That one was put on the back burner after the Tran-Northam-Fairfax trifecta in Virginia.

The reaction by liberal talking head pundits on television coupled with their freakish counterparts in Hollywood were quick to judgment in the case of the young man from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky who was waiting for a bus at the Lincoln Memorial.  That is when they received the taunts and racial slurs from a group of Black Hebrew Israelites,  a group so bizarre they make the shenanigans of the Westboro Baptist Church look sane by comparison.  Sure… the kid didn’t do anything, but as many noted, that smirk on his face (more like a smile) betrayed his evilness.  Surely, once back home in Kentucky he broke out the white hood and headed to the nearest cross burning.  Some even suggested that he deserved to be punched in the face, such was the rage and fury.

However, the reaction by the Left and by Democrats was to be expected since this is part of their grand strategy.  Their’s is to assemble a broad coalition of those on the fringes- immigrants (legal and illegal), welfare moms, some guilt-ridden techies, gays, movie stars, etc. under one tent.  The Democratic Party and its litany of free handouts appeals to this coalition.  Meanwhile, those more truly representative of America, us deplorable bitter clingers, appeals elsewhere.

In reality, all the hate in the hearts and limited minds of the Left was projected onto a smiling kid at the Lincoln Memorial.  Freud described the psychological defense mechanism of projection- one defends oneself by projecting all their bad traits on others.  All that hate has to go somewhere.

There are two problems for the Left.  The first is that there just are not enough hateful normal Americans out there.  In January, the news was abuzz about the shooting death of a black girl in a parking lot in Houston.  This story of strictly local interest was blown into a national one by the likes of mainstream television news and the New York Times.  Here was an obvious case of a white person killing a black child simply because the child was black.  When it was revealed that two black men were responsible for the shooting, the story died a quick death.  To the Left and their compliant media lackeys, black-on-black crime and gang violence is nothing compared to an imaginary roving band of white supremacists.

It is the same reason the shooting death of a black person at the hands of police garners greater attention than a police shooting involving a white victim.  One does not see a band of white people shutting down streets and marching on police headquarters when there is a white victim.  Statistics show that when it comes to police shootings, the most prevalent demographic is a white male age 18-34.  The media is quick to pick up and run with the whites-behaving-badly story, even if they have to concoct it themselves.  The country is simply not a seething cauldron of white animus towards minorities as the Left and the media would have one believe.

In the same manner, many on the Left and in the media saw a white Catholic male with a MAGA hat acting more classy than five black racists and an activist Indian as yet another instance of white privilege and wickedness.  Today’s Left, Democratic Party and the media are thinking and acting like Stalinists.  Hence, the one behaving badly by banging a drum in the face of a high school kid is the good guy and the one being harassed with slurs and standing silently while smiling is the bad guy.  To wit, in Orwellian terms, the kid was guilty of a facecrime.

The second problem for the Left is how to keep this coalition of misfits together without it devouring itself.  The fact is that many within that coalition hate one another.  The celebrated Women’s March, an apparently now annual gathering of harpies and Gender Studies drop outs, started to self-destruct over how high Jews are on the victim totem pole (evidently, not that high).  When Thomas Perez was asked whether the Democratic Party had an anti-Semitism problem, his avoidance of the question told the true story (of course they do).  Its a tricky juggling act.  Muslims view Jews as oppressors while People of Color see Jews as just white people with more money, but feminist groups need them to donate money to their cause.  Meanwhile, some blacks are truly homophobic and when that is pointed out by a black guy, they get booted from hosting the Academy Awards.

The victim pecking order is further made vague, although there is one exception.  At the lowest end is those who are white, male, heterosexual and likely Christian.  Thus, it pays to rail about issues like white privilege, toxic masculinity, and the patriarchy.  Again, if it does not exist, just make it up and create words like “intersectionalism” out of thin air.  It is why local stories about swimming pool access and barbecues become national news.  It is why a kid waiting for a bus becomes a symbol of hate.

The Left can stay together only insofar as they can direct their hate on a common object.  If not, that underlying hate will be unshackled and be directed at one another within the coalition. Sowing discord within their ranks is a must.  Taking advantage of these inherent differences between and internecine hatred of the various groups that make up the Leftist coalition- a divide and conquer mentality- could prove to be a good strategy for breaking their stranglehold on the hearts and minds of every minority group within their coalition.