DailyKos Petitions: They're a Hoot

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I confess to occasionally reading DailyKos, especially their slanted election section.  But, they also have a funny “Action” section where people can sign online petitions as if this is England and petitions submitted have to be considered by the House of Commons.  They have 20 such petitions, but I discounted two to bring you, in the way of laughs, the top 18 petitions listed in reverse order of number of “signatures” as of May 27th, 2017.


#18. Slow Down the Confirmation of Conservative Judges (33,760 signatures)

What are they suggesting?  Obstruction?  Perhaps the best (and only) thing Mitch McConnell has done good as Majority Leader is gone all nuclear on the Democrats when it comes to judges.  As for Trump’s appointments, someone is doing a damn fine job at DOJ making these recommendations.

#17. Have Scott Pruitt Resign from the EPA (49,426 signatures)

Although they say it is because of ethical lapses, one assumes that they don’t like Pruitt because (1) he is dismantling every lame Obama environmental regulation and (2) he does not apologize for dismantling every lame environmental regulation.

#16. Teachers Who Walk Out Are Not Criminals; Support Their Efforts (73,274 signatures)

This is in response to an effort in Colorado to criminally penalize teachers who walkout on their jobs in shows of protest.  Of course, these walkouts are always with the best interests of the students in mind (and the teacher’s bank accounts).  In some states, these walkouts are against the law.  They should be illegal in every state unless it is in furtherance of a collective bargaining contract running out.

#15. Investigate Trump on Stormy Daniels Payment (83,579 signatures)

Better yet, investigate Stormy Daniels for bad acting even for a porn star.  Seems like more of a dog pile on Michael Cohen narrative than an investigation of Trump.


#14. Ban All Assault Rifles and High Capacity Magazines (81,998 signatures)

I expect this one to shoot higher in the coming weeks considering that, according to CNN, there have been 22 school shootings in 2018 alone.  Considering that your average lefty would not know an “assault rifle” if one hit them on the head, this one is the standby, go-to for gun grabbing Nazis everywhere.

#13. Stop Trump Henchmen From Avoiding Accountability (86,753 signatures)

Here, they are arguing that New York needs to amend their double jeopardy standards since Trump can pardon anyone convicted by Mueller’s inquisition.  That would jeopardize their prosecutions in New York and we all know that New York AG Eric Schneiderman will pursue charges.  Oooops… wait.  That boat sailed.  Well, slap my ass and call me Sally (words actually spoken by the New York AG).

#12. Stop Ben Carson from Tripling the Rents of HUD Tenants (103,173 signatures)

They rant about Trump’s recent tax plan, then state that it is unfair that some tenants in HUD housing would have to pay $150 per month in rent.  Imagine that- paying $150 for rent.  I wish I had that in monthly mortgage payments which are 8 times that.

#11. Undo Trump’s Tariff on Solar Panels (106,321 signatures)

Well considering that most of the solar panels in the United States are actually produced in China, the panels themselves got caught up in Trump’s overall tariff scheme.  Can the domestic solar panel producers step up to the plate?  That’s the bigger question and one DailyKos, once a proponent of American-made products, needs to answer.


#10. Have Fox News Fire Sean Hannity (108,210 signatures)

Yeah…ain’t happening unless Sean Hannity is caught on film having sex with a donkey backstage.

#9. John Bolton is Dangerous (126,538 signatures)

This one is just plain silly and deserves no comment.

#8. Investigate Jared Kushner for Misusing Security Access (139,556 signatures)

This centers around Kushner allegedly using his security clearance to tell Saudi princes of dissidents who the Saudi princes may have had killed.  I’ll grant them the fact I still don’t know what Kushner’s credentials are or his role in the West Wing, but using his position to feed hit possibilities to Saudi princes is something more worthy of Infowars.

#7. Stop Trump From Sending Armed Secret Service Agents to Polling Places (165,388 signatures)

Apparently, this is in response to a rider on a Homeland Security appropriations bill that allows such things.  Until reading this, I was unaware this was even an issue worthy of 165,388 signatures.  So armed Secret Service agents in polling places is bad but armed Black Panthers outside polling places is OK.

#6. Stop Trump From Firing Robert Mueller (167,806 signatures)

This one can and will deserve its own Diary entry.  But, after a year, millions of dollars and nothing to show for it other than some indictments against people never to see the inside of a courtroom (including one non-existent defendant) and some things totally unrelated to Russian “collusion,” what does St. Mueller have to show for his efforts?  And…NO(!)…if Trump should fire Mueller, it will not trigger a constitutional crisis.


#5. Save NPR and PBS Funding (197,181 signatures)

These are sacrosanct in Lefty circles.  As for PBS, where else can Americans get free access to boring series with people with British accents?  Their only good shows are interrupted with fundraising appeals.  As for NPR, the free market should decide what is or is not listened to on the radio.  These funds are the telecommunications equivalent of farm subsidies.  End them now!

#4. Permanently Ban Import of All Big Game Trophies (271,978 signatures)

Trump announced, then rescinded, an end to the ban on import of big game trophies from two African nations.  In other words, they have a petition to stop something that never started.  Wonder how many signatures they would get to permanently ban the dismemberment of unborn humans?

#3. Congress Must Investigate Sexual Assault Charges Against Trump (394,710 signatures)

Before commenting, let me state I care little about what Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and a cigar had in common.  We elected a serial groper in 1992 and again in 2016.  However, it is amusing what the Left was saying in the 1990’s, but how things are different now because, well… “Trump.”  Besides, an unwanted glance at a bare leg is “sexual assault” today.

#2. Show Trump’s Tax Returns (958,742 signatures)

I understand Trump’s reluctance- he does not want the embarrassment of revealing that he ain’t that big of a billionaire.  However, until there is a law requiring him to reveal his tax returns, whether every President since Nixon did so or not, he doesn’t have to just like any other US citizen (unless you use the phrases “tea,” “party,” don’t,” “tread,” “on me” or similar sentiments).


#1. Elect the President by Popular Vote (1,705,998 signatures)

To put it another way, let NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles and a few select other metropolitan (read: liberal) areas decide who the President will be.  This is exactly what our Founders feared and is the reason they created the Electoral College, a thought lost on 1,705,998 signatories to this petition.  One guarantee: their tune would change if by some strange twist of the universe conservatives occupied NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles and few select other metropolitan areas.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  While you barbecue or visit friends and relatives, please be mindful that there are many service men and women in harm’s way as we celebrate our day off from work.  Also, be mindful of the Americans who gave their lives for the ultimate American value- freedom.  From the shores of Normandy to the streets of Fajullah, valiant Americans have answered the call of their country and it is they who we celebrate and honor tomorrow!



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