Opinion: The Road to Revolution or Hostile Takeover From Within (Part II-B, What Is Happening?)


Welcome back to the Red State series: The Road to Revolution in the United States. With sincere apologies, we are going to double back for a brief time. As you are aware, we’ve been using a graphic developed by the United States Army Special Operations Command, to show various levels of activities and actors that when put together, can result in an open, armed revolt. I had already begun the multipart conclusion of the series with a discussion of the path forward, when I realized there was a component I had missed.

I had this epiphany during Monday’s David Webb Show.** Webb began his opening monologue by making a very good case that there was a revolution already underway in these United States. Sounds familiar right? During that segment, he mentioned the involvement of foreign actors. Just prior to the show, he had also tweeted out a picture of Venezuela’s President Nicholas Maduro with his arm around one of the Black Lives Matter USA co-founders, Opal Tometi.

Opal Tometi, co-founder of BLM.

In and of itself, that tweet and the picture therein, aren’t a smoking gun regarding any foreign attempt to foment an uprising. However, it did cause me a blinding flash of the obvious. I had left out a major factor in my analysis…foreign encouragement of these actions and the domestic actors executing them. Driving that point home was a piece over at American Thinker pointing out that China appeared to be providing monetary support and, in some cases, is actually organizing riots in these United States.

Although the United States is not a BRI member, what’s becoming more exposed through daily revelations is China’s sub-rosa investment, insurgent involvement, and planned takeover of America’s institutions and business sectors, including academia, entertainment, finance, agriculture, and others.

Here is the part that grabbed me:

What is less well understood and still remains largely obscured is China’s role in funding, organizing, and supporting anti-American groups responsible for the riots, looting, violence, and property destruction that have occurred over the last few months.  What is becoming ever clearer, though, is that China had a central role in providing the financial support, structural assistance, ideological manifestos, and mass and social media propaganda tools to America-hating radicals who are intent on destroying this nation and its people’s way of life.

American Thinker lays out a great case. One way the article does that is with a great graphic explaining who is who in the zoo and what the relationships are.

Read: How China funds and organizes riots and civil unrest in America

That brings us back to our own graphic from USASOC. As you can see, there are two levels that specifically call out foreign actors. Off to the right, I’ve listed 3 of them, but that is by no means a complete list. All three have the same objectives, and pretty much for the same reason. Their objective is to sow or, in some cases, exacerbate the chaos now occurring in these United States.

All three of these countries are under significant economic pressure from President Trump’s policies. Their hope, at this point, is that the chaos could result in former Vice President Biden replacing President Trump in January. Failing that, they undoubtedly believe the distraction caused by the violence and the election, will cause President Trump to lose focus, thus diverting his attention from them. Bad assessment on their part. Donald. J. Trump thrives on chaos. He loves swaggering into a den full of yapping hyenas, striding out 10 minutes later with a fur coat for Miss Melania. Now back to the Way Forward. Stay tuned.

Here is a link to all the previous parts in this series: Road To Revolution In These United States

**The David Webb Show can be heard M-F, from 9-Noon EST on Sirius XM Channel 125

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