Opinion: Jim Caviezel, a Christian in Hollywood

Opinion: Jim Caviezel, a Christian in Hollywood
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Ever since I saw the movie The Passion of The Christ, I’ve been a huge fan of Jim Caviezel. I liked him even more as former CIA assassin, John Reese in Person of Interest. I mean, what’s not to like? As an aging Rambo wannabe, Caviezel’s quiet, raspy voice, as he easily dispatches hordes of assassins by either bullet or boot to the head (or knee) strikes me as the epitome of cool composure in combat while delivering just the right amount of snark…my kind of guy.

It wasn’t until lately that I learned some interesting things about the man instead of the actor. The biggest thing is that he is an open and unabashed Christian, which in Hollywood, can be a severe career limiter. Over at National Review this past Tuesday, John Loftus published a stellar piece on Caviezel, the lede:

Caviezel is a rare bird in Hollywood. His career aspirations had nothing to do with fame or money.

Loftus does a great job of tying in quotes from Caviezel with his own transitions to clearly tell a great story, unsurprisingly culminating in a lengthy quote regarding our absurd lockdown-mask policies, where it’s OK to go on an airplane, but not into church.

One of Caviezel’s fears is that a secularized world lacking spiritual values harbors chaos and evil, and neuters religious citizens; namely, Christians: “These are things that need to be discussed immediately, because bad religion and bad politics equal war.” Caviezel cites the contradictions of the government’s response to COVID-19 as an example:

We can’t go into our churches now, can we now? We can go on an airplane. We can see everybody next to each other with cloth over their mouth. Of course, that’s science, right? We know that they can just put a piece of cloth on their mouths; that COVID-19 can’t travel; that we’ve gotta be six feet apart. . . . And yet we’re on each other’s shoulders all the time. For some reason COVID-19 knows not to spread on planes. We should have this conversation, because I want to know why we can’t go into a church and worship God, when there are a lot of people without work, people are really scared of what’s going on.

If we really have the freedoms we proclaim, that we have our inalienable rights — life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which are being taken from us right now — then that requires people to push back on an agenda, When people sit back and do nothing, that’s when evil prevails.

Read the whole thing here: The Convictions of Jim Caviezel

As a promotion for his just-released film, Infidel, which is meant to draw attention to the persecution of Christians worldwide, Caviezel also sat for an interview on Fox Weekend with Brian Kilmeade.

Caviezel said one of his biggest difficulties, is conquering the fear factor, going back to when he almost died from a lightning strike when filming The Passion of the Christ. He sees the same thing happening with Christians in the U.S. being intimidated by the left. Caviezel gave an impassioned speech about the evil of Christian persecution both abroad and here at home. I won’t even try to do it justice by culling out hot button quotes.

You can listen to the whole thing below. It’s well worth the 5 minutes and thirty-or-so seconds.

Jim Caviezel On FOX and Friends Weekend — What a Powerful Witness of Faith

On this, our Lord’s Day, it might be good to hear a message of hope and promise in and amongst all the evil vitriol. Brighter days are surely ahead.

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