Opinion: We Didn’t Hire Donald Trump to Be a Uniter

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President Donald Trump speaks in the Rose Garden of the White House, Monday, June 1, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

The Democrats must be getting desperate. They are now reaching back to the 2016 Presidential campaign for techniques that didn’t work the first time. Specifically, they’ve rousted out the same old sordid cast of characters, RINO’s all, to express their non-support for President Trump in the General Election. On top of that, they’ve attempted to trade on the reputations of recently retired senior military officers to pile on.


So far, the cast of characters includes Colin Powell, a retired 4 Star General, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President George H.W. Bush and Secretary of State under George W. Bush; George W. Bush himself who has allegedly stated he won’t vote for Trump in November and, of course, the Democrat who claims to be a Republican—that well known sore loser, Mitt Romney. Of course, none of this is a surprise, as none of those august personages supported Donald Trump in 2016 either.

Along with the 2016 Never Trump comeback tour, we also have the spectacle of retired military officers tossing in their two cents. General James Mattis, USMC and former Secretary of Defense, Admiral Mike Mullen, USN, and General Martin Dempsey, USA, former Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have chimed in. They have been joined by a multitude of former ambassadors and other retired military officers, who excoriate the President for allegedly violating the Constitution and “failure to be a unifier.”

I have previously addressed the Constitutional issues, where the left and their enablers (now including the folks above) claim the President’s threat to send Active Duty Troops to rioting locales and/or that moving protestors out of Lafayette Park were somehow unconstitutional. In short, that argument falls flat on its face.

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Now we come to the “failure to unify” accusation. “Trump is divisive!” they all screech. “He is deliberately fostering disunity!” You know what folks? They are correct, but not in the manner they believe. My very good friend and colleague, Betsy Vaughn has a very interesting article out explaining one aspect of this.


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I agree with Betsy’s general premise, that the Democrats, along with their RINO enablers, have indeed veered so far left that it’s impossible to find common ground. My take, however, is that this particular train left the station a long time ago. For over a century, the left has been busily destroying American institutions as diverse as Professional Football, Education, Boy and Girl Scouting, the Judeo-Christian Ethic, and the Rule of Law, to name but a few.

We sent Donald J. Trump to stop as much of that as he could. We didn’t send him there as Newt Gingrich put it, to “manage the decline” of our nation. We sent him there to drain the damned swamp, not to form alliances with the alligators now ruling there. We don’t want unity with the evil that is tearing America apart. We Americans have absolutely no desire to unify with people whose mindset declares that it’s OK to loot and burn innocent people’s property; to allow biological males to participate in female athletic contests and share their locker rooms; to forbid worship under threat of fines and/or imprisonment; to use the full force of government to overturn the results of a Presidential Election.

No! We do not want to unify with those people. We want to soundly defeat them at the polls and roll back their immoral policies. Compromise is fine when both sides have the same objectives but differ on techniques to achieve them. When one side’s objective is the absolute destruction of the other, then there can be no compromise.


When an American is confronted by a robber who declares, “I’m going to kill you and your family and steal all your money,” an American doesn’t look for ways to “reach across the aisle” in compromise. He doesn’t counter-offer by saying, “How about you just kill one of my kids and take maybe half my money.” No—An American pulls out his piece and puts two in the Ten Ring. Done. No compromise.

We didn’t send Donald Trump to DC to compromise. We didn’t send him there to “unite” with people who want to destroy our great country. We sent him there to begin the destruction of decades worth of Democrat and RINO policies that have and continue to bring real harm to real Americans. To that end, he has lots of support. There are millions of Americans unifying behind that effort—and we will see you in November.



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