Opinion: GOP Governors Are NOT Foot Dragging; It’s the Democrats Who Are Advocating Policies That Adversely Impact the Poor

Unemployed people, numbering about 5,000, wait outside the State Labor Bureau which houses the State Temporary Employment Relief administration in New York City, Nov. 24, 1933. The crowd began to gather at 5 a.m. to register for possibly 90,000 federal relief jobs during the Great Depression. (AP Photo)


You have to give the Democrats credit. First of all, they never, ever stop trying to advance their leftist agenda. Even in the middle of cobbling together a financial relief package for Americans being monetarily gutted by government-imposed inability to work during this event, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the Democrat Politburo insisted on larding up the legislation with such important pork as a 25 million dollar grant to the Kennedy Center for the performing arts, which then promptly laid off all of its employees. The list of such egregious additions is long and not entirely owned by the Democrats. There were even a few Republicans who managed to shove their snouts down into the taxpayer-funded trough, my own Senator Shelby for one. But, I digress.

Second, and most importantly (for the purposes of this tome), is that Democrats always stay on message. They hold a meeting, seance or whatever; the next thing you know, they are all spouting the same meme, dutifully supported by their Fourth Estate enablers. What’s even more amazing, is their ability to turn on a dime and immediately start supporting something diametrically opposed to their original propaganda objective…and they can do this in a matter of days.

Since about mid-March, the left has been pounding the table regarding the inequity of how Wuhan Virus affects the poorest among us. I actually agreed with them in one major regard.

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Back to the leftist press, below are three examples of this particular meme.


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And finally, that propaganda organ that Lenin would have been proud of, The Washington Post, manages to chime in

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Added all together, they essentially say that if you are in a higher income bracket, chances are you can afford to stay home…because you can actually work from home, you are on a government salary, or your company is subsidizing you. Folks on the lower end of the scale, have little such opportunity. Most of what they do requires face to face interaction with customers to get paid, usually by the hour. No kidding!

So, given that, any serious person can understand President Trump’s anxiety to “open America up again and get back to work.” Or, if you are one of a few “foot-dragging” GOP governors from mostly rural states, you are very reluctant to lock down your citizens. You understand that every day under movement restrictions costs income and wealth to folks who can ill afford to lose it.

Of course, the left, pivoting from their strident defense of the poor during this crisis, now take a position that would bring them direct and irreparable harm. They, led by The Washington Post, are excoriating governors who are holding off on locking down their citizens.


Here is the concluding paragraph

Their magical thinking endangers the nation. It gives people license to minimize the threat — a threat the White House says could kill up to 240,000 people even with effective social distancing. It allows state-to-state gaps in the firewall that will likely encourage a raging disease to erupt in a series of rolling blazes across the country. As many states get tough, even deploying the police to encourage people to stay indoors, their odds of impeding the pandemic’s path of destruction are undercut by their neighbors’ selfishness.

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This is more of the one-size-fits-all/big government philosophy the leftists love…and never works. Nobody in their right mind could truly believe that everything that is right for New York City is automatically the right answer for Grand Forks, North Dakota.

For another take on the Governors, have a look at my colleague Sister Toldjah’s article.

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