Opinion: Democrat Lack of a Bench Points to Similar Republican Problem

If you are like me, you are likely putting on a few pounds as you watch what is going on in the Democrat Party right now. My local Walmart has raised the price of popcorn 3 weeks running and is still having trouble keeping it in stock (slight exaggeration). You must admit, whether you liken their events — debates, caucuses or primaries — to the Star Wars Bar Scene or the final Beach Scene from Lord of the Flies, they are putting one helluva show.


Their problem is they really don’t have much of a bench. They really expected to not have to worry about it until this point. Why? None of this drama would be taking place if the criminal crone from Chappaqua hadn’t gotten her fat fundament flogged by Donald. J. Trump. She would have been cruising to her second coronation, only now considering who would be replacing her and what she was going to charge him/her for the privilege.

Our team shouldn’t make that same mistake. We should be identifying current rookies and bringing them up to the big leagues, getting them into the spotlight and grooming them for success. Part of that process needs to be President Donald J. Trump. The last thing we need is to make the same mistake Ronaldus Magnus made in endorsing the “One World Order” candidate, George H.W. Bush.

Come 2024, we need two to five stellar candidates ready for prime time, unlike the clown car that comprises the current Democrat field. At some point during the weeding process, President Trump needs to endorse the most electable conservative candidate and help push him over the line.


Help us prevent a Republican version of the current Democrat horror show. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be doing some evaluation pieces on various Republican choices for 2024. In order to do that, I’ll need some names from the Red State Readership Team. (Anyone who submits Mitt Romney as a choice, gets a 6-month suspension of his Man Card.) With your help, we are gonna win BIGLY in November. Also with your help, we are going to continue the MAGA revolution into 2025.


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