Trump Just Won 2020 or How President Trump Wins (Redux)

President Trump has just won the 2020 Presidential election. Over at American Thinker, in an article entitled, “Construction begins on border wall funded by $2.8 billion allowed by SCOTUS decision last month,” my good friend and writing mentor, Dr Thomas Lifson writes

President Trump has received a lot of derision for supposedly not building a single mile of new border barrier, despite his campaign promises. But the real story is a bit more complicated, and as of last Friday, crews began construction on 247 miles of 30-foot-high wall in Arizona and New Mexico.

Last month, the Supreme Court decided that use of parts of the military budget to protect our sovereignty was oaky, and this added $2.8 billion to the $1.7 billion that Congress appropriated for wall construction. That permitted President Trump to start to fulfill his promises.

Lifson does note that most of this part of the project will be replacing older fencing, but at least 17 miles will be brand spanking new barriers, where none were before. This is critical. Visuals are important…especially when counting coup on Candidate/Presidential promises.

Politicians of all stripes, especially presidents, love the visual of getting their pictures taken at the ground breaking of a new factory, thus “proving’ they were instrumental in bringing jobs. The border wall is no different. As I mentioned in pervious articles here and here, President Trump has been keeping the promises he made as a candidate: U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, Tougher Border Enforcement, Lower Taxes, MORE JOBS, etc. I also mentioned in that article, if the economy continues as it has, all the President needs to do to run away with it in 2020, is show some video of completed new border wall along with more being built.

I would add one more thing to help assure success in 2020. If I were President Donald Trump, I’d have the Air Force Fire up the Big Blue Bird and have it met at Biggs Army Airfield in El Paso. He can then board Marine One for a quick flight down to the border, so that he can get his beautiful mug in a photo shoot holding a golden shovel.

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