Immigration Enforcement on the Job Site...Works

Immigration Enforcement on the Job Site Works
It looks like the Democrat canard, “Americans just won’t do those jobs,” has been put to rest—and it didn’t take long at all. As I predicted, rounding up illegals working in American facilities and sending them home would likely have a positive effect on the prospects of some American workers. From yesterday’s WAPT Channel 16 ABC News


FOREST, Miss. —
A Mississippi food plant that was part of one of the largest immigration raids in U.S. history held a job fair Monday.

Looks like Koch Foods is trying quickly make up for that sudden worker shortage. As I predicted, this would cause the hiring of more Americans and likely have an impact on wages.

From USA Today

Kamerio Whitley, a resident of the nearby town of Morton, spoke to reporters after he left the building. He said there were several positions available at the plant, including forklift operators. Whitley said he applied for a job working at the plant’s rehang table, where workers hang frozen chickens. The job starts at $12 an hour, which is decent pay for the area, Whitley said. “That’s not bad to start, and it can always go up,” he said.

“Decent pay for the area…That’s not bad to start, and it can always go up.” Indeed. My bet is that it will indeed go up. If President Trump continues these type of operations that protect American workers by rounding up illegal aliens and sending them home, then there will be somewhat of a labor shortage. That will cause a number of things to happen:

—Increases in starting wages to get Americans off the bench and back into the workforce.

—This might cause some modest price increases, which in turn will…


—Cause some investment in technology to support those higher wages.

—Workers re-entering the workforce will take some pressure off of the “safety net,” translating into Federal & State budget savings (which will, of course, be promptly spent by both sides to purchase more votes).

By attacking multiple issues simultaneously, President Trump has had the effect of throwing three strikes in a row in bowling, where he gets more “points” for each policy he executes than he would if these policies weren’t all mutually supportive. And just think, it all started with some modest regulatory and tax reform.

Mike Ford, a retired Infantry Officer, writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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