Kim Calls Trump a “Wise and Courageous Leader” in Propaganda Piece Exhorting Support for Nuclear Deal

Kim Calls Trump a Wise and Courageous Leader

Over at American Thinker, my friend and writing mentor Dr Thomas Lifson has penned an important article regarding President Trump’s impromptu meeting at the DMZ with Kim Jong-un. (Full disclosure: I have been a sometime contributor to American Thinker.)


Dr. Lifson sets the tone in the very first paragraph.

The Fanatic Trump-haters in the media are once again proven wrong, as the North Korean media are stoking public expectations of a deal that will improve their lives.  Far from a photo-op that strengthens Kim and denigrates Trump and the USA, the regime’s propaganda is stoking North Korean public expectations of a successful denuclearization deal.  It also features President Trump as a wise and courageous leader.

Lifson goes on to describe a YouTube video produced by the North Korean propaganda machine. He follows with a number of important points:

1. This is a message directly from Kim, that he wants people to believe.

2. Once a leader like Kim stakes out such a public position, it’s somewhat more difficult to do an about-face.

3. The real target audience is likely the hardliners in his government.

Before somebody in the Army hierarchy made the rather dubious decision to turn me into a logistician, I was the Course Director for the U.S. Army’s Psychological Operations course at the JFK Special Warfare Center and School. Having taught this stuff, led teams actually doing this kind of thing, and co-authored the Army’s Field Manual on the subject, I can say Lifson is spot on. Take the time to read…and re-read his article. Have a look at the video—it has English subtitles. This. Is. Huge.


Here’s the YouTube video

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