Just What We Need...Another Ineffectual Law

The Editorial Board at the San Francisco Chronicle is out of its collective mind. In Sunday’s editorial, the Editorial Board writes:

Americans should not need to rely on the sound judgment and good ethics of a political campaign to determine whether it alerts the FBI of an attempt by foreign nationals to influence an election.

It should be spelled out clearly in law.


Good grief. It’s hard to believe they actually get paid to print such third-grade reasoning in a National Newspaper. These folks just cannot accept that although it was “her turn” to be President, the criminal crone from Chappaqua got soundly thrashed by Donald J. Trump.

First, they tried to blame the Russians for Trump’s election thereby wasting two years and 30-million dollars of taxpayer funds to prove exactly…nothing. Now that the Mueller inquisition, cleverly disguised as a legitimate investigation, is complete and found no evidence of illegal collusion with Russian or any other foreign actors, the left has turned to alternate routes to keep the issue alive.

Now, they insist upon legislation to require a report to the FBI every time somebody talks to a campaign. Using the example of Don Jr’s penthouse meeting, saying

A proper response by the president’s son would have been to alert the FBI about the email overture of incriminating information about Clinton. Instead, Donald Jr. replied within minutes, “If it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer” — and accepted the meeting.

Hogwash. The Federal Bureau Of Investigation has a lot more to do than investigate and determine whether an innocuous contact or even a blatant offer of information, might be a crime. For the record, derogatory information, in and of itself, doesn’t count as anything of “value,” unless somebody can put a dollar amount on it.

As I noted in a previous article, this is just going to help the Russians to continue sowing discord and disbelief in the security of our electoral system.


I’m talking about the ultimate Russian objective, which wasn’t to elect a preferred candidate in the U.S. Presidential election, but rather to sow chaos and undermine the public’s faith in our system.

With the help of the Democrats, the press and of course their RINO enablers, the Russians were able to keep the first two years of the Trump Presidency focused on a 35 Million Dollar investigation that proved—nothing.

The left is going from stunned disbelief to downright insane. Under the leftists proposed legislation, we’d have to triple the size of the FBI, just to keep up with all the “abundance of caution” reporting it would require. The Russians, you know, the folks the left purports to be so worried about, are laughing their collective keisters off. That Russian FSB Lieutenant Colonel I wrote about? He’s likely been promoted twice by now because of all this. Nice work Democrats.

Mike Ford, a retired Infantry Officer, writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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