Take Names, Mr. President

List of Potential Quislings
List of Potential Quislings

A few days ago, my fellow RedStater, Sarah Rumpf, broke the story regarding the US House of Representatives voting to revoke President Trump’s State of Emergency Declaration.


The Democrat-controlled U.S. House has just voted to revoke President Donald Trump’s February 15th National Emergency Declaration regarding the border with Mexico.
The vote was 245-182, with thirteen Republicans joining a unanimous block of Democrats to pass the resolution. The measure now goes to the Republican-controlled Senate. If it passes the Senate, it would then head to the White House.

Today it seems as though ten, maybe more Senate Republicans are also willing to break with the President on the issue. The vote is today. President Trump needs to take names. Each and every Republican Senator who votes against the President on this issue needs to get politically spanked.

Their excuses are many: It’s an unconstitutional power grab by the President! If we allow this, the Democrats will do worse once they are in power! I say, “Horsehockey!”

First of all, this isn’t any sort of “power grab.” The President was granted this authority by Congress in 1976, which was further amended in 1985. By any reading, he is acting as authorized by Congress.


Unconstitutional? If so, it would be the Congressional Legislation that is unconstitutional. Thus far, no court has determined it to be so.

Finally, since when has forbearance by Republicans been rewarded with the same from Democrats? As evidence of the opposite, I give you, Harry Reid and the Nuclear Option.

In short, most of the Republicans involved in this behavior, it’s about hiding behind “conscience,” in order to justify sticking a shiv into the President’s back.

Take names, Mr. President. For the rest of us, stay tuned for vote results, so we all know who we cannot trust.

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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