Sociopaths and Civil Discussion, Part Deux

Last night, like many Americans, Her Majesty and I watched President Trump deliver his State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress and assorted straphangers, along with a few folks whose personal stories did indeed cause me to choke up a bit.


As we watched the speech, Her Majesty asked what I was going to write about afterwards. I told her that I would probably wait a day or so in order to let the dust settle. She shot back that there was no way I’d be able to keep my mouth shut for a whole day, much less two or three. It appears she was right. The leftist conduct during the speech showed them once again to be a bunch of sociopaths while getting my blood pressure up.

A few days ago, I penned an article the theme of which was that it’s very difficult to have a civil discussion with sociopaths. Last night’s speech and the Democrat response to it, just reinforced my position. During the run up to the speech, the pundit world through their various inside sources wondered what the tone of the President’s delivery would be. Finally at the last minute, insiders leaked that the President’s main theme would be, “Unity.”

All throughout his speech, President Trump advanced a conciliatory tone while touting the accomplishments of his administration. However, when President Trump spoke of progress made in black and other minority unemployment, the leftists sat on their hands with scowls on their faces. When he promised to never disband ICE, the scowls got deeper. With one exception (record number of females elected to Congress) whenever President Trump touted an accomplishment formerly supported by Democrats, they sat on their hands and pouted like little brats. Speaking of brats, most notably, when the President exuberantly and quite rightly celebrated America’s retaking the lead in global energy production and for the first time in decades, becoming self sufficient in energy, Representative Ocasio-Cortez just sat there scowling like a teenager whose prom date has left her for a prettier girl.


Getting back to the President’s acknowledgment regarding record numbers of women in the workforce and Congress and the leftist female reaction to it, Kimberly Strassel tweeted about her take on that.

Ms Strassel is right. These leftists are all about themselves. No matter how conciliatory President Trump is and no matter how much he’s willing to compromise, these leftists are psychopaths. If they are willing to kill a newly born child just to maintain a core constituency and enhance their power base, why should we be civil to them?

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Colonel who writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

You can find his other Red State work here.


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