Biden Administration Tells Second Whopper in as Many Weeks

Gene J. Puskar

The Biden Administration has told the American people another whopper of a lie. Last week, they said with a straight face that cognitively declining, seventy-nine-year-old Joseph Robinette Biden was indeed running for a second term. The fact the Administration needed to tell us this before the feeble president finishes his first year in office is very revealing in my humble opinion. The second whopper is equally as unbelievable as Biden running for re-election.


The President met on Monday with executives from some of the country’s major retailers like Food Lion, Kroger, and Best Buy. We’ve been told the discussions centered around the supply chain issues that are leaving store shelves bare due to the hundreds of cargo ships anchored in the bays of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

The President was scheduled to give remarks on the meeting but it was strangely canceled at the last moment. The excuse? The President wanted to spend more time with the executives. My guess? Biden wasn’t at his cognitive best and they couldn’t risk putting him in front of the White House press corps, who God forbid, may ask him questions! Here’s the whopper Psaki told reporters after the meeting: “There are going to be toys on your shelves. There is going to be food in your grocery stores.”

Although it’s highly improbable that store shelves will be fully stocked anytime soon, the goods that will be on those shelves will be significantly more expensive than they were a year ago. The Federal Reserve, the Biden Administration — and their allies in the media — have been telling us for months that the spike in inflation is “transitory” or temporary.


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell testified yesterday before the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee. During the hearing, Powell suggested the word transitory be “retired” when it comes to describing the rampant inflation plaguing the economy:

“I do think that the threat of persistently higher inflation has grown. … But clearly, the risk of more persistent inflation has risen. So, I think the word transitory has different meanings to different people. To many, it carries a time – a sense of short lived. We tend to use [the word transitory] to mean that it won’t leave a permanent mark in the form of higher inflation. I think it’s probably a good time to retire that word and try to explain more clearly what we mean.”

In trying to portray that the Administration’s economic policies are working, Psaki also said Black Friday sales were up nearly a third from last year’s Black Friday. That’s great Jen but it also makes it highly improbable, with all the ships needing to be unloaded, that stores shelves will be fully stocked for Christmas — or in the foreseeable future.


One reason cargo is not being moved is because of the massive labor shortage the country is currently experiencing. The trucking industry says they need close to 90,000 new drivers. Unless there is a dramatic increase in truck drivers and warehouse personnel, not only on the docks but in the retailer’s warehouses as well, Psaki’s claim that shelves will be stocked will be just another Biden Administration empty promise


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