Biden Starts to Stare up at the Ceiling as the Video Cuts Out

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I wrote earlier about Joe Biden having a very unusual cancelation of the remarks he had planned yesterday on his administration’s effort in regards to the supply chain crisis. He canceled the remarks within minutes of when he was supposed to be making them.


Now, as I noted, that timing was so remarkable it prompted a comment from the Senior White House Reporter for NBC News Digital Shannon Pettypiece.

The excuse was that Biden wanted to spend more time with the business leaders who came to D.C. to talk about the supply chain issues with him. So let’s look at that excuse and what was going on in that meeting.

We already touched on part of it. Biden made remarks about the Omicron variant and urged people to mask up and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed that he wore his mask in every meeting. We reported that immediately after that, he was in a meeting where he had his mask around his chin, violating what both he and Psaki had just said.

That was part of the meeting with the business leaders and there was more to note there besides the mask around his chin and not his mouth, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Biden started the meeting with a problem.


“All right,” Biden said, beginning the meeting and fiddling with his notes: “If I can get my pages unstuck here, we’re ready.” Leader of the free world there.

Biden welcomed the leaders and thanked them for coming.

Then, addressing the CEOs, Biden said he knows how “incredibly busy” they’ve been: “And that’s a very good thing, from my perspective. But then again, I’m not doing all the work you all are doing. But all kidding aside, it really — it really matters.”

Biden told the CEOs he wanted to “hear your ideas on how the federal government can continue partnering with you all to keep shelves stocked so American consumers can get what they need.”

Biden then spoke to the head of Food Lion and the head of Walmart, after which he said he was going to turn the meeting over to “Brian” to moderate. That’s Brian Deese, his National Economic Council director. “But I warn you, I’m going to intervene with — with questions, with your permission.” But then he looks up at the sky and says, “Isn’t this a pretty place?” He continues to look upward. Then he awkwardly says, “Yep” and then the video cuts out.

This is more than a little weird. He looks like he’s zoning out.


So I have a question here — what the heck was going on there before the video cut out and what didn’t they want people to see? Moreover, if someone else was moderating the meeting, Biden certainly could have left at that point to make the remarks. It looks like his role was just to say some introductory remarks and then have Deese handle everything. Moreover, according to CNS, they didn’t say anything further about solutions to the issues, so what would he have been staying around for anyway?

That adds to my questions about what was going on here and what was the real reason for the cancellation of the supply chain remarks yesterday. But maybe this kind of thing explains why they canceled. Biden already had spoken on the Omicron variant yesterday, so maybe they thought that was tempting fate for another gaffe, particularly after he’s looking up at ceilings and seeming to be out of it.


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