Joe Biden Announces He's Running for a Second Term, and Questions Abound

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While Joe Biden’s mental deterioration was front and center at his recent press conference (see Joe Biden’s Mind Melts and the White House Immediately Calls a Lid, and It Tells Us Something), he also made a fairly significant announcement that has flown under the radar.


Namely, Biden told a reporter that he intends on running for a second term. Yes, this guy intends on running for a second term…three years from now.

Questions abound after a statement like that. To this point, the logical assumption has been that the nearly 80-year-old Joe Biden would only serve a single term. In fact, he often presented himself as a bridge candidate during the 2020 campaign. Though his actual ambition was clear (and the ambition of his wife), he attempted to play it off as if he were being forced out of retirement to save the nation one last time. The selection of Kamala Harris as vice president furthered the idea that Biden’s elevation was temporary.

Besides, he’s clearly not well.

So what exactly is the game here? Will Biden’s ego simply not let him call it at a single term this early, or is he actually serious about sticking things out and going again in 2024? Perhaps all the media praise and comparisons to LBJ have got his juices flowing? Even still, he can’t seriously believe he’s in the mental condition to try to run another presidential campaign? I mean, look at how much work and cheating went into Biden just doing a press conference today. He’s going to go barnstorm the nation (COVID will be history) in 2024? Color me highly skeptical. I know Jill Biden likes the White House, but she can’t be that cruel, can she?


If Biden does run again, you have to guess that seals the deal for Donald Trump. No way can he resist a rematch, and after four years of stagflation, foreign policy disasters, and the border being a disaster, Trump would probably be the favorite.

Regardless, if I had to bet, I’d bet against Biden actually following through here. He’s barely hanging on as it is. He knows it, and his handlers know it. Democrats are going to want someone different as well, and I don’t see Kamala Harris missing her big chance. If Biden runs again and loses with her on the ticket, she’s done.

So yeah, I think this is bluster.




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