Sanctioning Cheating in the Name of 'Fairness?'

FILE – In this Feb. 7, 2019 file photo, Bloomfield High School transgender athlete Terry Miller, second from left, wins the final of the 55-meter dash over transgender athlete Andraya Yearwood, far left, and other runners in the Connecticut girls Class S indoor track meet at Hillhouse High School in New Haven, Conn. Three Connecticut girls who participate on high school track teams have filed a federal discrimination complaint against a statewide policy on transgender athletes, saying it has cost them top finishes in competitions and possibly college scholarships. (AP Photo/Pat Eaton-Robb, File)


There is widespread acceptance among the American left that conservatives have historically been purveyors of unfairness and discrimination. We are also labeled “science deniers” since we question the science of so-called climate change and human evolution.

They have even written books allegedly proving their hypothesis. One such work is called, “The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science – and Reality.” Warning, if you are a conservative, be prepared to be highly offended by the synopsis of this book on Amazon:

“Bestselling author Chris Mooney uses cutting-edge research to explain the psychology behind why today’s Republicans reject reality—it’s just part of who they are. From climate change to evolution, the rejection of mainstream science among Republicans is growing, as is the denial of expert consensus on the economy, American history, foreign policy and much more. Why won’t Republicans accept things that most experts agree on? Why are they constantly fighting against the facts?”

A article titled, “Why Conservatives are More Susceptible to Believing in Lies” was even more insulting:

“Then there are the false beliefs about generally accepted science. Only 25 percent of self-proclaimed Trump voters agree that climate change is caused by human activities. Only 43 percent of Republicans overall believe that humans have evolved over time. Brain scans show that people who self-identify as conservative have larger and more active right amygdalas, an area of the brain that’s associated with expressing and processing fear. This aligns with the idea that feeling afraid makes people lean more to the right.”


So, liberals are the enlightened ones and conservatives are the knuckle-dragging Neanderthals who “reject reality?” If that is indeed the case, then why is the left flagrantly denying science and reality when it comes to defining gender?

No matter how many designations Facebook gives you to classify your gender, most of us learned in our high school biology classes there are only two genders, male and female.

Just because you feel like you were born in the wrong body and identify more with the opposite sex doesn’t change the fact that your chromosomes will forever say otherwise.

That’s why it is a mockery of good sportsmanship what is currently occurring in female sports at the high school, college and Olympic levels:

“Transgender athletes are having a moment. At all levels of sport, they’re stepping onto the podium and into the headlines. New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard won two gold medals at the Pacific Games, and college senior CeCé Telfer became the NCAA Division II national champion in the 400-meter run. Another senior, June Eastwood, has been instrumental to her cross-country team’s success. At the high school level, Terry Miller won the girls’ 200-meter dash at Connecticut’s state open championship track meet.”


This controversial issue is currently being addressed legislatively in at least five states including in my home state of Missouri. I was able, last weekend, on my radio show (starts at 45:25) to interview Missouri State Senator Cindy O’Laughlin on the bill she filed recently to address this growing problem:

“I know people who have daughters who have spent hours and hours and hours and tremendous amounts of money getting their daughter to a high level of athletic ability and then to have them try and compete against a male is patently unfair in my opinion.”

Exactly! Where is the fairness the left claims they love so dearly? Senator O’Laughlin’s bill SJR50 simply states:

“This proposed constitutional amendment, if approved by the voters, provides that students participating in any event or activity, that is a single-gender event, organized by any statewide activity association shall be required to participate in the event corresponding to the student’s biological sex.”

Like most short-sighted liberal initiatives that begin with good intentions, the unintended consequences of this latest experiment in social engineering has been a failure.

We have now gone from a generation that receives “participation trophies” just for showing up to awarding trophies for sanctioned cheating – all in the name of fairness.



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