Democ(rats) Fleeing Sinking Impeachment Ship


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I am often chastised by my conservatives friends and colleagues for watching MSNBC and CNN during daytime hours instead of FOX News. I have to admit though, I can only watch these cable networks during the day because I could never stomach at night the likes of Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon or Anderson Cooper.


So why do I subject myself to such unnecessary torture? Ancient Chinese military genius and author of “The Art of War” Sun Tzu summed it up in this quote from his classic work:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

By trade I am a political consultant and the reason I watch these subsidiaries of the Democrat Party is to “know the enemy.” Yes, we are all Americans and I am not in any way questioning their patriotism, but the left wing media are indeed enemies of conservatism and the values many of us hold still hold dear.

The “enemies” featured on these liberal cable networks tell us what they and the Democrat Party are strategizing and what is currently concerning them. Thursday on Todd’s MTP Daily program, he clearly demonstrated the Democrat Establishment’s main concern.

Todd asked his guest (hopefully rhetorically) if Speaker Pelosi’s refusal to send articles of impeachment over to the senate is “beginning to look more about process instead of the charges against the President?” Seriously? Of course it does!!!


Just a couple of days earlier, NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell asked Maine independent Senator Angus King on her daily MSNBC show: … is it time for Nancy Pelosi to send over the articles of impeachment and go ahead with it?”  King’s response:

“I think it is time for the Speaker to send the articles over. I think — I don’t think her holding them puts any particular pressure on Mitch McConnell. I think the key vote will come in the middle of the trial.”

The most amusing thing to me about this Democrat self inflicted fiasco is watching Chuck Todd – and the other “resistance fighters” at MSNBC, CNN and the left wing print media – lauding Pelosi as a political genius just two weeks ago for withholding the articles for “leverage” and now Todd and the other left wingers are openly questioning her strategy.

I wrote three weeks ago in this space that I believe Nancy Pelosi does not want to send over the articles because she knows impeachment is a political loser for her and her Party. The President being aquitted is a foregone conclusion.

“But I also believe [the delay] is a last chance effort for Democrats to go back to their districts during the Christmas break and try and convince their activists that impeachment is a sure electoral and political loser for them and that censuring the president is a better option.”


One thing politicians know very well is the art of self preservation, which not only includes their reelections, but also the preservation of their legacies. I also said in the column:

“The first female speaker of the House doesn’t want part of her legacy to be she presided over an unpopular and partisan impeachment proceeding that caused her to lose her speaker’s gavel. Pelosi also doesn’t want part of her legacy to be she helped increase the Republican’s majority in the senate and helped reelect a president she and her Party absolutely disdain.”

Yes my friends, we are witnessing the Democ(rats) fleeing a sinking impeachment ship and a political party imploding right before our very eyes.


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