All of the candidates suck. Pick one.

Promoted from the diaries.  The key message here is the first and last sentences.  Remember that when/if you threaten to “stay home” from the election(s) … Ed.


So… they suck WORSE than Obama?

All of the candidates are politicians.  ALL of them think that government has answers….YES, even Ron Paul.  THAT’S WHY THEY ARE IN POLITICS.

Let’s see….

Romney is a front runner because he’s electable….except when he’s not.  He’s conservative….except when he’s not.  He’s a businessman….except when he’s not.  He’s been running for office since the Last election.  Desire for public office like this raises the hackles of many Americans.  He’s a liberal Republican.  Either we vote for him or Obama is elected and runs the nation into the ground like a meteor hitting the earth.

Gingrich is a front runner because he’s fighting back.  He’s not electable….except he seems to have A LOT of support in many states.  Is he a conservative?  Depends on how you define conservative and to whom you compare it to……like the 1994 Democrats.   Does he think government has the answers?  Yep.  If elected….he will use government power to enact “conservative” ideas, by HIS definition.  This isn’t a secret and was, until recently, a point of attraction to many Republicans.  Is he an insider? Yep.  Is he a former philanderer? Yep.  All of his scandals are common knowledge.   Is that a point in favor or against his nomination?  No one knows.  Either we vote for him or Obama is elected and runs the nation into the ground like a meteor hitting the earth.


Perry is a front runner…or was.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to do well in the format that was chosen for this primary Charlie Foxtrot.  His ideas, when presented, are huge applause lines.  He’s consistent on message about downsizing the federal government.  He’s pro-defense, pro-border enforcement, has executive experience, and has a record of improving business climates.  According to some, he too, has grown government and his former “Democratness” is a liability, as his immigration stance.   Either we vote for him or Obama is elected and runs the nation into the ground like a meteor hitting the earth.

Paul…..what can you say about Paul that hasn’t been said, refuted, argued about, refuted again, and repeated.  His message about limited government is music to the Tea Party.  His foreign policy, when more closely examined, is horrible.  And his belief that America is the cause of all of our problems, his white washing of the fact that SOME governments across the world ARE evil… just the deal killer. Except he’s still better than another four years of Obama.  Either we vote for him or Obama is elected and runs the nation into the ground like a meteor hitting the earth.

Bachmann should be the front runner.  Face it…she would be historical….the first woman president. Of course we all know that’s only valid for liberal women.  She’s the ideal of the Tea Party, seeking smaller government with libertarian overtones.  She’s pro-defense and pro-border defense.  She’s socially conservative.  So…what’s holding her back?  In my experience, something about her personality on TV grates on me.  I’m sure that she is a wonderful person, but her TV personality seems shrill.   And tactically, I think she’s weak. She continually emphasizes attacks on small points of her opponents, as “gotcha moments.”  People are tired of “gotcha.”   Either we vote for him or Obama ….you get the idea.


Huntsman should never have entered the race.  What made him think that he could gain any traction?

Santorum has tried.  Tried mightily to gain traction.  And failed.  If he gets any delegates, I’ll applaud.  His conservative bonafides seem valid.  But he does not connect with the voters.

So, since having a perfect candidate is completely ludicrous….do we stay home?  Would McCain really have been worse that Obama?  I don’t know.  But is Obama BETTER THAN ANY OF THE ABOVE?

Some libertarians think so. Some are planning on voting for him as the lesser of two evils.  They are hoping that a GOP dominated Congress  will gridlock a President Obama that would not be checked by the need to get reelected.  Or that Obama will get the blame for the upcoming disaster.  Really?  When has the GOP EVER stood up to the Democrat media and political machine?  But I repeat myself.  And Obama and the Democrats aren’t getting the blame NOW!  The GOP ALWAYS gets the blame.

So, who of the above, if you plan to vote for a Republican candidate, will be able to withstand the liberal press and Obama?

Picture a President Obama without the need to get reelected and an establishment GOP in Congress.  You didn’t think that the GOP is going to give the Tea Party any authority yet, did you?

Because it seems that we’ve already decided that our candidate will beat Obama.  And we’re terrified what the assorted candidates might do. Or that we might get the blame if things go south.  Have you thought that we might deserve the blame if we don’t even try and stay home?


Remember that old saying….”Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”  First we have to beat Obama and its NOT going to be easy.


So go pick a freaking candidate. Don’t stay home. And then vote for the nominee.

You go to war with the army that you have.  And this IS war.





edit: Cross posted at United Conservatives of Virginia


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