BREAKING: Decision Desk Projects AZ Sen. Mark Kelly Wins Re-election

Arizona Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly is projected to win re-election, according to Decision Desk HQ.


Sen. Mark Kelly is a former astronaut and the husband of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. His GOP opponent, 36-year-old Blake Masters, is a businessman who was the president of the Thiel Foundation, the organization of technology billionaire Peter Thiel.


Kelly worked to court independent voters throughout the election, as he focused a lot of his time touting his piece within the Inflation Reduction Act to seemingly lower prescription drug costs for seniors. Kelly is currently finishing out the term of the late Republican Sen. John McCain.

By contrast, Masters ran as a populist Republican and a “true independent” throughout the campaign. Some of his key campaign points included the necessity to crack down on the border (he said he would not vote for anything President Joe Biden until the border is secure), and how he wants families to be able to live off of a single-income.

This race was closely watched, as it was one of several that determined the balance of the Senate.


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