Opinion: Kathy Griffin’s Threat of 'Civil War' Shows Why It’s Always Doomsday for Democrats

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Comedian-ish Kathy Griffin would like to believe that Republicans taking back control of Congress could spell disaster for the republic, as RedState’s Bonchie reported earlier Tuesday.


“If you don’t want a Civil War, vote for Democrats in November. If you do want Civil War, vote Republican,” Griffin tweeted.

Griffin’s tweet is short but powerful, and not in a good way. While her concern might be authentic, that does not mean anybody should be taking it seriously. It’s true that some people are calling for a national divorce (usually peaceful), but the likelihood of an actual civil war coming down the pipeline shortly is laughable and unrealistic.

In fact, her tweet serves as a crucial lesson in the dangers of hyper-partisan rhetoric on the American psyche.

The institution of Hollywood and melodrama go hand and hand, and it used to stick to the silver screen. It’s now commonplace for their disposition toward hyperbole to trickle down into politics. Of course, leftists in general always use binary choices in order to fear-monger regular Americans into believing that the opposing side is dangerous.

Those who are politically aware are all too familiar with hearing politicians and activists saying “This is the most important election of our lifetime.” Griffin’s comment is nothing more than an extreme version of that cliche. If someone ever uses this sentiment, they’re either flat-out lying, willfully ignorant, or have an agenda of their own.


Yes, the upcoming midterm is important, but it’s probably not going to go down in history as the most consequential midterm of the century.

Here’s an indisputable truism of America: Voters are never going to be bullied, and they are in fact more emboldened when the opposite side of the aisle villainizes them. Voters are not asking for civil war by supporting Republicans– they’re asking for their groceries to be less expensive.

Whether someone decides to vote Republican or Democrat, they do not need a celebrity telling them that their choice will bring destruction to the United States. Griffin is only dividing the country further with her rhetoric, especially because there are at least a few people who legitimately believe that war will break out if Republicans gain a few more seats in the House and Senate.

It’s always doomsday for Democrats, and Kathy Griffin is no exception. Regardless of party, the choice of Americans needs to be respected. Instead of choosing kindness, Griffin would rather purchase “loss insurance” early, which would give her and fellow hyperpartisan permission to act as if the end is near if they lose in November.


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