Democrats Threaten Civil War if They Lose in November

(AP Photo/Dolores Ochoa)

Republicans are extremists. That’s been the predominant narrative for years, backed by horrendous positions such as not wanting to kill babies and securing the border. As I write this, I’m can’t help but flinch in terror just thinking about the possibility of lower tax rates and energy independence. Truly, the GOP is an awful entity hellbent on destroying the nation.


Democrats, on the other hand, represent our better angels. Peaceful and a picture of sanity, they’d never do anything like demand the destruction of the judiciary if they don’t get their way. And certainly, they wouldn’t threaten civil war if they lose in November’s mid-terms.

Oh, wait.

You have to admire the abject hypocrisy on display by those who simultaneously claim to be defenders of democracy and decency. These are the same people who obsess over January 6th and believe Liz Cheney is going to save the country. Yet, here we are, with Kathy Griffin, infamous for holding up a bloody faux-Trump head, proclaiming that if her side doesn’t win, it means war.

And before the “clarifications” start to flow (David Weissman has already deleted his tweet), let’s be clear about what is being said. While the defense will likely be that Griffin actually meant Republicans would start a civil war, that makes no sense. Why would Republicans start a civil war after winning an election and retaking power? No, the indication in Griffin’s comment is clear: Give Democrats what they want or they will lash out violently.

Still, I doubt the veracity of such a threat. Often, those who scream the loudest about war with their neighbors are the least equipped to wage it. Griffin seems like the type who would prefer to sit behind her computer, furiously tweeting while getting others to do her dirty work, and I’m just not convinced she’s got that kind of pull.


Regardless, this episode is instructive in showing why Democrats must be defeated at the ballot box in November. If they wind up winning the mid-terms in this environment, they will see themselves as untouchable, having finally gained their “permanent majority.” You can take a few guesses as to how that will work out for normal Americans. A repudiation of the Democrat Party is what must happen if any recovery is to be made from the damage that has been so willfully done.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to see the reactions to Republicans being swept back into power? There’d be enough hot air disseminated to heat all of Europe through the rest of the winter.


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