Ten People on an FBI Terror Watch List Arrested at Border in July, as Crisis Rages On

Ten individuals on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Terrorist Screening Database were arrested by Customs and Border Protection in July, Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin reported Tuesday.


Melugin reported that this figure, which is in CBP’s monthly operational report, grows to 66 when looking at how many people on the list were caught at the border in fiscal year 2022 alone. This is a marked increase from 2017 to 2021 combined, in which 26 people in the database were caught. (16 of those were in fiscal year 2021.)

Data like this only underscores the importance of a secure border, as these numbers only reflect the people that authorites have gotten ahold of. The fiscal year still has August and September left, and migrant encounters at the border already surpassed the previous year by 159,993, with 1,822,160, encounters. Some of these are, in fact, repeats, but it is an inarguably high amount regardless of how someone spins it.

“This marks the second month in a row of decreased encounters along the Southwest border. While the encounter numbers remain high, this is a positive trend and the first two-month drop since October 2021,” CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus said in the press release.

“In May, CBP launched a digital advertising campaign to dissuade irregular migration by targeting the lies smugglers use to lure the vulnerable into a dangerous journey that often ends in removal or death. That danger was highlighted in the recent takedown of a deadly human smuggling network based in Guatemala responsible for the death of a Guatemalan woman who died in Texas in April 2021. These are among many actions we are taking to reduce irregular migration and dismantle the human smuggling operations that put these migrants in danger.”


State governments have tried their best to take matters into their own hands to close gaps, but it still remains a responsbility of the federal government to protect it’s soverign border. Hopefully, leaders in Texas and Arizona will continue to be creative in their solutions to mitigate the influx of migrants, as resources are undoubtedly strained.

Still, the people who are working hard each day in CBP and local law enforcement are members of these communities as well, so it matters deeply to them that their homeland is safe. These agents and officers deserved the utmost respect from Amerians, as each day brings along its own unique risks.


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