Cruz: Blame Obama for Russian Meddling

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This is great stuff. Watch Texas Sen. Ted Cruz explain to an extremely rude NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent, Kasie Hunt, why President Donald J. Trump’s Russia is vastly superior to the Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton appeasement of Russia:



Hunt: Is Russia an enemy of the United States?

Cruz: Russia is a significant adversary. Putin is a KGB thug.

Hunt interrupting: Do you think Trump is treating him that way?

Cruz: I think we have that we have had eight years of Barack Obama showing nothing but appeasement toward Russia. Part of the irony . . .

Hunt Interrupting again: President Trump is not appeasing Russia?

Cruz: Actually if you look on substance, part of the irony of this media obsession with Russia is that the Obama Administration began with Hillary Clinton bringing a big red reset button to Russia saying that they were going to reset relationship with Russia so that she and Obama could be friends with the Russians. That’s how they began.

If you look at what happened with Russia, Russia invades Ukraine and the Obama administration does nothing, is utterly ineffective. You have John Kerry saying he desperately wants to provide Putin with an off-ramp. . .

Hunt interrupting yet again: Trump is trying to water down sanctions bill that you voted for.

Cruz ignoring the interruption: Putin didn’t want an off-ramp. And the policies of the Obama administration were constant weakness and appeasement. One of the best things recently announced was the Trump administration’s intention to go forward with placing anti-ballistic missile batteries in Poland and Czech Republic.

Those were scheduled to go in ten years ago, and in January 2009, in the opening weeks of the Obama administration, cancelled the anti-ballistic missile batteries in Poland and Czech Republic. Why? Because they wanted to appease Putin. They wanted to appease Russia. Russia didn’t want those batteries to go in.

I am glad the Trump administration is returning to a common sense defense of our allies against our adversaries.

Substance matters. Policy matters. I think standing up, using all the tools we can have to constrain Putin’s and Russia’s aggression is a good thing to do. One of the real problems with the Obama-Hillary Clinton foreign policy is that it facilitated Russian aggression. And I’m glad we are not doing that anymore.


I truly enjoyed how Cruz stayed on message despite Hunt’s badgering and the fact that she eventually was mesmerized with Cruz’s points and stopped playing her losing gotcha game.

Cruz nailed it. This is exactly why Putin has been so aggressive. But don’t forget Hillary admitted the reason that Putin meddled in the U.S. presidential election is because he had a grudge against her for what she said about his reelection.


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