WaPo's 'Conservative' Writer Concerned About Presidential Mental Health


The Washington Post‘s House “conservative” ran off the rails again today.  This time, according to The Hill, the WaPo’s so-called conservative went after President Donald J. Trump claiming there “There are serious concerns about this President’s mental stability.”


Well actually we don’t have to rely on the extremely left leaning The Hill. The Post’s Jennifer Rubin actually made the assertion on television:

Rubin offers no proof for her outrageous statement about President Trumps “mental stability.” She merely complains about President Trumps unorthodox style of communication. I must point out that while many other people also don’t appreciate Trump’s communications style, it was good enough to enable him to win the presidency.

Rubin has lost it before. Last week my esteemed RedState colleague streiff  took her to task for flip flopping on President Obama’s flawed Paris Agreement solely because of Trump. But keep in mind it’s not just Trump. Back in 2013 Rubin also went after real Conservatives like Jim DeMint and Ted Cruz.


Full disclosure. During the presidential primaries I wrote several articles wondering whether Bernie, Hillary and Trump might be suffering from age-related cognitive impairment. But at least I used Michael Tortorello’s article in Politico Magazine to support my articles.


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