Conway on Cruz SCOTUS Rumor


Kellyanne Conway, the presidential campaign manager for President-elect Donald Trump, says Trump  is “committed” to only nominating a Supreme Court justice from his previously disclosed list of potential nominees. That effectively shoots down the speculation we reported this morning that Trump might nominate Cruz for the Supreme Court.

“You’ve seen the list of 21. The list has not changed,” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told reporters Wednesday. “President-elect Trump has committed to choosing his Supreme Court justices, particularly the vacancy created by the untimely death of Justice Scalia. He’s committed to choosing from that list of 21.”

As Politico reminds us,Trump released a list of 11 potential nominees in May. He expanded his potential selection pool in September with 10 additional names.

The names on Trump’s list are:

  1. Keith Blackwell
  2. Charles Canady
  3. Steven Colloton
  4. Allison Eid
  5. Neil Gorsuch
  6. Raymond Gruender
  7. Thomas Hardiman
  8. Raymond Kethledge
  9. Joan Larsen
  10. Mike Lee
  11. Thomas Lee
  12. Edward Mansfield
  13. Federico Moreno
  14. William Pryor
  15. Margaret A. Ryan
  16. Amul Thapar
  17. Timothy Tymkovich
  18. David Stras
  19. Diane Sykes
  20. Don Willett
  21. Robert Young

If you assume that list was or is legitimate, real, or binding, it leaves the Cruz speculation resulting from their meeting at Trump Tower in New York with only the rumor of Attorney General. Or maybe Trump wants Cruz for Solicitor General.

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