Hillary 'There Is No Case Here' (Video)

Hillary Clinton Oct.28

At a campaign event in Kent, Ohio  on Monday, Hillary Clinton defiantly dismissed FBI Director James Comey’s announcement to certain members of Congress that newly revealed emails that appear to pertain to the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server while serving as Secretary of State, saying, “There is no case here.”


You can watch Hillary say it in the following video clip:

Transcript of the video:

I am sure a lot of you may be asking what this new email story is about and why in the world the FBI would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrong doing, with just days to go.

That is a good question.

And first of all, for those of you who are concerned about my using personal email, I understand. And as I’ve said, I’m not making excuses, I’ve said it was a mistake and I regret it.

Now they apparently want to look at emails of one of my staffers. And by all means they should look at them.

And I am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my emails for the last year.

There is no case here.

If Hillary understood Comey’s findings, she might be less cocky here. During Comey’s July 7, 2016 testimony before the House oversight committee, Rep. Trey Gowdy was able to get Comey to say there were six things Hillary said that were not true:

  1. REP. TREY GOWDY (R), SOUTH CAROLINA: Good morning, Director Comey. Secretary Clinton said she never sent or received any classified information over her private e-mail. Was that true? COMEY: Our investigation found that there was classified information sent…GOWDY: So it was not true?COMEY: That’s what I said.
  2. GOWDY: OK. Well, I’m looking for a little shorter answer so you and I are not here quite as long. Secretary Clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her e-mails, either sent or received. Was that true? COMEY: That’s not true. There were a small number of portion markings on, I think, three of the documents.
  3. GOWDY: Secretary Clinton said, I did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail, there is no classified material. Was that true? COMEY: There was classified material e-mailed.
  4. GOWDY: Secretary Clinton said she used just one device. Was that true? COMEY: She used multiple devices during the four years of her term as secretary of state.
  5. GOWDY: Secretary Clinton said all work-related e-mails were returned to the State Department. Was that true? COMEY: No. We found work-related e-mails, thousands that were not returned.
  6. GOWDY: Secretary Clinton said her lawyers read every one of the e-mails and were overly inclusive. Did her lawyers read the e-mail content individually? COMEY:


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