Tonight's Debate Will be a Blood Bath


The topics for tonight’s presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas are:

  • Debt and entitlements
  • Immigration
  • Economy
  • Supreme Court
  • Foreign hot spots
  • Fitness to be President

With Trump slipping in the polls and his defensiveness over, well everything, and his inability to let any attack go unanswered, combined with Hillary’s desire to provoke The Donald, I expect to see blood on the floor. Especially with foreign hot spots and fitness to be president topics it should get very ugly.

When you also consider that Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, told “America’s Newsroom” today that Trump will  “prosecute” Hillary at tonight’s debate:

She explained that Hillary Clinton has been in government for decades, so she must take ownership of what many Americans believe to be a corrupt and broken system.

“You’re also going to hear him prosecute the case against her record as secretary of state, because it’s not a pretty one,” Conway said. “She owns the Russian reset. She owns Syria, Libya, Benghazi.”


I don’t see how Trump does anything but attack, attack, attack.

That doesn’t sound exactly like what Frank Luntz had in mind when he explained what Trump had to do to win tonight. Although Luntz did say Trump needs to talk about Hillary in terms of her three decades in Washington.

So I expect the debate will be a no holds barred slug fest and even if Trump manages to win the debate by being Trump and by “prosecuting” Hillary, he will lose. He will lose the debate and the election. His only chance is to be calm cool collected and more presidential.



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