Pence: Clinton's Monica Lewinsky Scandal 'The Most Appalling Behavior' of Any President

Mike Pence

During an appearance on today’s edition of CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Republican vice-presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence called the Monica Lewinsky scandal “the most appalling behavior” of any U.S. president.


It took a while to find all that out. He was under oath in 1998 and he finally came clean on having taken advantage of a 23-year-old intern at the White House named Monica Lewinsky, in the most appalling behavior by an American president in the history of this country.

Pence is absolutely right about that. I’m old enough to remember when news of Then President Bill Clinton having an affair with a young White House intern. All the network news anchors immediately flew back from Cuba where they were covering a papal visit. Almost everyone expected that Slick Willie would be resigning in short order. As we know that common wisdom proved wrong as it all too often does. The point is that initially most thought it so appalling that Clinton could not survive.

It is notable, if not surprising, that in the CBS News article about Pence’s appearance on “Face the Nation,” Reena Flores didn’t even mention “the most appalling behavior” shot at President Clinton.

Flores did mention Pence’s defense of Donald Trump against the allegations of sexual assault how Trump has treated his accusers on the campaign that followed the release of the 2005 “Access Hollywood” video. All of which a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, found appears to “have had only a minimal impact on his overall support.” It should also be noted that the same poll also found that Trump’s attacks against  the Clintons aren’t working.


In addition, Flores briefly wrote about Pence’s attack the media for ignoring the “avalanche of hard evidence about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation and her years as Secretary of State.”

And Pence also discussed Trump’s “rigged election” comments:

“I think what Donald Trump is talking about is frankly what appears to be the monolithic support of the national media for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, their willful ignorance about the avalanche of hard evidence,” Pence said.

[. . .]

And, and elections get really tough. But, the American people are getting awfully tired of this two-on-one fight with many of you in the national media doing half of Hillary Clinton’s work for her every day.

Pence also reaffirmed that he and Trump will respect the outcome of the election, saying “Well, look, let me be very clear. Donald Trump said in the first debate that we’ll respect the will of the American people in this election. The peaceful transfer of power is a hallmark of American history.


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