Cruz Makes A Move In New Hampshire

Image Credit: Andrew Cline/
Image Credit: Andrew Cline/

Ted Cruz has launched a five-day, 17-event New Hampshire bus tour that will hit all ten counties in the Granite State. According to CNN’s Theodore Schleifer, the tour is likely to be dominated by the Cruz feud with Donald Trump. The first question asked of Cruz on the New Hampshire tour invited him to again offer his “apology” for his comment about Trump’s New York values. Cruz’s first crowd on the  New Hampshire tour was eager to hear Trump needled hollering their approval during the few times Cruz or fellow audience members ribbed him.

In the Boston Herald, Antonio Planas reports that the prospects for Cruz in New Hampshire seem mixed. Planas quotes a former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, saying  it’s “too little too late” for Cruz to catch up to Trump in the state’s Feb. 9 primary. But a New Hampshire Republican activist and former state representative, who backs Cruz, said Cruz has time to steal votes from Trump:

New Hampshire voters will be looking very closely in the next three weeks …. A lot of them may be changing their minds about Mr. Trump. It’s going to be hard for him to maintain his lead with more intense scrutiny. That’s how Ted Cruz closes the gap.

In a second article, Schleifer wrote about how the Cruz campaign now sees the early states playing out. will edge out Trump in Iowa, suffer a drubbing to Trump in New Hampshire, and then be locked in the “two-man race” in South Carolina. Based on polls it looks like a difficult task to dethrone Trump in South Carolina. But we know there is more to presidential primaries than just polling. In South Carolina It may depend on how many voters actually come to understand what Trump actually described his New York values. It’s all about gay marriage, abortion, and as Trump said little bit different than if Trump lived in Iowa. Yup, just a little bit different.

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