Obama to leave Hawaii early for more fiscal cliff political theater

In an obviously preplanned propaganda ploy, President Obama will leave his Hawaiian vacation “early” returning to Washington to engage in more fiscal cliff political theater.


When Fox News first reported Obama’s travel plans, we were reminded that Obama let it slip last week that he would return this week:

An administration official tells Fox it is now “likely” the President flies back to Washington late Wednesday night to deal with the fiscal cliff.

Last Friday the President told reporters in Washington “see you next week” before leaving for Hawaii, though it had not been clear until now what day he would be flying back to DC.

Why is Obama returning when there are no plans for the President to meet Congressional leaders upon his return? Obama’s early return is just political theater carefully designed to ensure the Republicans get the blame for the massive Obama tax hikes his stubborn intransigence is about to impose upon us.

Obama has once again blown a deal to get $800 billion in additional tax revenue. This time According to the Wall Street Journal, Obama’s stubborn insistence on more and more taxes included higher tax rates on more successful taxpayers.


Obama’s insistence on higher tax rates was doomed to failure. As Louisiana Republican Congressman John Fleming recently explained, the House of Representatives has never increased income tax rates when it has been controlled by Republicans. Boehner’s failed attempt to pass a higher income tax rate on those earning $1 million proves this Republican controlled house still not break that 100-year tradition.


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