Romney vs. Obama still too close to call

Rasmussen Reports’ daily presidential tracking poll for Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012, finds the presidential race tied at 46 percent for both Governor Romney and President Obama. If you count “leaners,” it’s tied at 48 percent.


The Rasmussen tracker has had Romney and Obama tied or within a point of each other for each of the seven days since we reported  that Obama’s seven point lead went up in the smoke of burning U.S. flags and diplomatic missions.

Rasmussen’s Electoral College projections also show a close race — Obama: 237, Romney: 196, and nine states representing 105 electoral votes still toss-ups. Obama has a small lead in Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin. Romney is similarly ahead in Colorado, Iowa, Missouri and New Hampshire.

This race is far from over.

Before you criticize my reliance on Rasmussen, consider the organization’s record. In 2004, Rasmussen was the only firm to project totals for both President George W. Bush and  Senator John Kerry within half a percentage point. In 2008, Rasmussen was again right on the money. If you don’t want to take Rasmussen’s word for it you can go to Wikipedia.


And while we are discussing polls, get over the skewed poll issue. I have also been guilty of complaining about the over sampling of Democrats in most of the major polls. I have now gone back and looked at the 2004 campaign and discovered that in September 2004, the lefties were complaining bitterly about major polls over sampling Republicans.

Forget the polls and the main stream media’s effort to convince everyone Obama has already won. Get out there and work for our candidates.


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