Obama still campaigning on the taxpayer dime

In today’s New York Times we learn that  President Obama, in a desperate effort to save his own job, is again spending taxpayer money for political campaign purposes. In light of yesterday’s depressing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) news, Obama should again pivot and focus time on saving everyone else’s job.


The country’s GDP growth slowed to an anemic 1.5%, and the Obama campaign ought to be in the middle of some serious self-reflection in Chicago. Whatever shambled economic record Obama might have had –- and there certainly wasn’t much to begin with, is pretty much gone. As the Wall Street Journal reported today, “the economic story of his Presidency is by now familiar: a plodding recovery that has taken its third dip in three years and is barely raising incomes for most Americans.”

Voters now trust Mitt Romney to handle the economy more than Obama, by a whopping 34-points — more than 2-1, 63%-29%. Things are bad, and even the mainstream media is starting to realize they can’t ignore it anymore. Despite last night’s Opening Ceremonies in London being a historic international event that occurs only once every two years, the depressing GDP news still made bigger and bolder headlines in the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

Sadly, Obama’s campaign is only sinking deeper into this mess. Obama’s big-government solutions to the economy have failed miserably, and his mantra of governance – spending more and more taxpayer money on anything and everything – is starting to seep into his campaign strategy too, with the same result. Mitt Romney brackets the president with money Romney raises for his campaign, while Obama brackets Romney with taxpayer money, using the taxpyer funded White House to drop news wherever Romney goes.

Obama’s campaign spends more than it takes in – shocking! And Obama gets nothing for it — the latest Rasmussen’s likely voter tracking poll has Romney up 4-points, Romney has lead by four or five points for three consecutive days. That’s the largest advantage enjoyed by either candidate in over a month. All that money spent by Obama, with no positive results. Sounds just like his failed stimulus.

Obama spends taxpayer money on his failing economic policies. Obama spends taxpayer money on his failing campaign tactics. Almost everyone can see where this is heading, except apparently Obama’s team in Chicago.




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