Haley Barbour: 'Let’s Get This Done'

A year before the 2012 election, the good folks at American Crossroads released a terrific new video featuring Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour to remind us of the importance of this presidential election.


In the video, Governor Barbour, talks about what a second Obama term would mean for America:

“[Obama’s] policies aren’t fixing our problems, they’re making them worse. And a second Obama term means making this malaise permanent. … We’re the greatest country on earth, and we can get America right again. To do that we have to win in 2012. … So come on now, let’s get this done.”

Barbour also calls for lowering, simplifying and stabilizing tax rates; cutting spending and putting a moratorium on new regulations; and keeping America’s military strong.

Watch the “Let’s Get This Done” video:


The Governor has it exactly right about the epic fail of Obama’s stimulus.



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