Palin bashes Obama, defends TEA Party and doesn't answer the question

At her big speech in Iowa today Sarah Palin took it to President Obama again and again, defended the TEA Party, spoke about her “bonafide pro-working man plan,” and no, she did not answer that bothersome question — will Palin run?


On President Obama:

  • Palin reminded us that she warned in her vice-presidential acceptance speech that candidate Obama’s plan, after turning back the waters and healing the planet, was to make government bigger and take more of your money to give to others.
  • Palin said America is hurting and at a tipping point due to failed policies and incompetent leadership.

On the TEA Party:

  • Palin credited the TEA Party folk for rising up, going to the ballot box and winning an election victory of historic proportions.
  • The TEA Party rejected the Left’s big government agenda — we don’t want it, we can’t afford it and we are unwilling to pay for it.

Palin’s Plan:

  1. Stop expanding the federal government and devolve powers back local and state government.
  2. Repeal ObamaCare.
  3. No more runaway debt.
  4. Robust and responsible domestic energy production.
  5. Eliminate all corporate income tax and corporate welfare — no more loopholes and bailouts.

It was a good speech, not a great speech like her vice presidential acceptance speech or her terrific 2010 victory speech.

I continue to believe Palin will not run. Watch the speech and see what you think.



UPDATE: The transcript of Palin’s speech was finally made available this morning. I won’t post it here, it is too long, but I have posted it at Right Side Politics.

This is another reason I believe Palin will not join the race for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination — the organization capabilities needed are still lacking. The transcript should have been made available when she spoke, not 12 hours after the fact. This post was ready five hours before it was published because I was searching for an embed-able video or a transcript. If I ever see evidence that Palin is putting together a campaign organization I may change my mind. As for now I remain convinced Palin is not running.



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