Ode to #OWS

This one’s been making the rounds of late, and it just found my inbox this morning.  This is a poem that appears to have been originally published back in the late 1940s, and according to the document, was placed in the Congressional Record by GOP Representative Clarence J. Brown of Ohio.  One might think it a fake, considering how eerily accurately it describes the current Occupy Wall Street, etc. thinking.  But it appears to be for real…I located a newspaper article from 1978 that published the same poem. As further verification, our crack Redstate Research Team (read: Jeff Emanuel) located the entry in the Congressional Record of the 81st Congress, First Session.


I shouldn’t pick exclusively on the Occupy Wall Street folks. This piece really describes the whole entitlement mentality/culture that has festered in this nation for decades. As the writer says “nobody has to give a damn – we’ve all been subsidized”

So – enjoy. (Oh, and please consider this your open thread of the day)


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