San Diego Man Claimed He Was Set On Fire Because He's Gay; CCTV Shows a Different Story

San Diego man Scott Rowin tells media a fabricated hate crime story about being set on fire. (Credit: ABC7/YouTube)

Scott Rowin, a gay San Diego man, claimed he was a victim of a vicious hate crime on June 12 in which he was set on fire. As police have investigated the incident, CCTV footage reveals a far different scenario than the hate-fueled gay-bashing Rowin put forward in the media. That footage shows that Rowin’s second-degree burn injuries were caused by a pregnant woman he had beaten until bloodied before she set him ablaze and Rowin fled the violent scene.


Rowin’s apparent hate-hoax story details a walk he took in Hillcrest, San Diego’s gay neighborhood, where he stopped to inquire about employment at a restaurant called The Loft on Fifth Avenue. Upon leaving around 8 p.m. with the intention of calling an Uber, Jussie, I mean Rowin, claims he heard two people yelling slurs about homosexuality. 

Rowin reported that he was accosted verbally, saying:

Started hearing f**got this, f**got that. The word came up quite a bit. 

Rowin said that he engaged in a verbal exchange:

I yelled back a couple of things, ‘Hey, that’s f*** up!’

Next, Rowin’s story alleges footsteps came behind him, and he was doused in a liquid and set ablaze, saying:

Immediately after that, I went up like coals on a barbecue. It started off really big. 

Rowin stopped, dropped, and rolled on the pavement to extinguish the flames and reported the injuries caused a great deal of pain, saying:

The majority of the burns are on my side torso, hip, and back. It’s very painful.

Admittedly, he said his memory of the terrifying incident was “hazy,” which might be the closest thing to the truth the man reported. His forgetfulness resulted in a totally fabricated event, which omits the whole part about him beating up a pregnant woman, whom police reported was treated for injuries at a hospital.


San Diego police said:

Investigators determined that this man was the suspect who battered the pregnant woman from the earlier incident at 900 6th Avenue. Investigators have since determined the pregnant female was responsible for the burn injuries.

Detectives located security footage that San Diego Police say shows Rowin was the primary aggressor in the conflict, saying the footage shows:

Initial physical assault by the man on the pregnant woman and the subsequent use of fire as a weapon by the pregnant woman on the man.

Police are still investigating the case, saying:

This is a complex investigation, and detectives are examining all aspects and allegations. The San Diego Police Department takes all crimes of violence extremely seriously. We recognize the community’s interest in this case and are working to balance transparency with protecting the active criminal investigations.

 The fabricated hate crime was reported internationally and used by Rowin and leftist progressives as a false flag to stir up sentiments of victimization and targeting. Rowin said:


Nobody walks around with flammable liquid like without an agenda. In my opinion, they were obliviously out there targeting the LGBT community.

In a Facebook post showing his burn injuries, Rowin wrote:

This is absolutely a hate crime. The slurs were hate-filled. This can still happen in 2023. There are still a lot of haters out there. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. This time it was fire. What will it be next time?

Rowin also lost personal possessions in the act of beating up a pregnant woman, including a black hat, a shoe, and an AT&T mobile hotspot.

According to police, the assault happened on June 12 around 10:41 p.m. in the 900 block of 6th Avenue.

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