Today in Washington - August 10, 2010

Yesterday in Texas, Democrat candidate for governor, Bill White, boycotted President Obama’s trip to Texas.  The President better not bank on many photo ops with Democrat candidates in Red State America.  The New York Times reports:


President Obama shared an enthusiastic handshake and a hearty clap on the shoulder with this state’s Republican governor, Rick Perry, when Air Force One touched down here on Monday.  But while Mr. Perry, who is running for re-election, stood on the tarmac and clapped for the president, his Democratic challenger, Bill White, was nowhere to be seen.

President Obama is politically toxic.  The House has been called to order for a special session of spending today.  The first vote is on H.R. 1586, an FAA Reauth bill carrying a $26.1 billion bailout of state Medicaid shortfalls and teachers unions.  The second vote is on H.R. 6080, a border security supplemental bill, and has been placed on the Suspension Calendar requireing a supermajority to pass.  The House and Senate are not expected back until September.


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