Okay, not really. It’s a difficult morning to be sure, but it’s not the end of the world. As Erick wrote early this morning, we’ve really only maintained the status quo. In order to assess the future, we must reassess the past. How did we end up relatively close to where we were four years ago? Much time will be spent pouring over the results.  Who voted for who, and how did we fail? The analysis that will come from studying what we did wrong will be very useful. We will learn from our mistakes and no doubt do better. Believe it or not, we have seen improvements over the last four years. While they seem small, in light of last night’s overall results, we must hold on to them, as they are evidence of something alive in this country that liberals cannot destroy.  Using the past four years as our guide, we didn’t wait very long to start doing the right thing.

2009 saw the rise of the Tea Party in response to the reckless spending in Washington that has yet to subside.  Those standing on the sidelines finally stepped up, we were active much more than in our speeches.  There were marches, grass root efforts abounded and new money bombs seemingly every week.  In November 2010, the efforts of so many in the party paid off.  Tea Party candidates swept the polls, shocking the left and the right and putting Washington on notice.  While the Republican Party still has years of missteps to recover from, the Tea Party was a distinct step in the right direction.
In 2011, we continued to work locally to affect the change we wanted to see nationally.  While the voice of the Tea Party as a whole somewhat faded into the background, the sense of direction remained and many continued to work hard looking towards the big win in 2012.  Efforts towards educating the many Americans who don’t pay attention to everyday politics increased.  Exposing the hijinks of the left and putting them on display for all to see became commonplace.  Many weren’t thrilled with the Romney nomination, however, we put our differences aside and tried to work together.
To say we are a nation divided sounds so cliche, yet we truly are.  Practically fifty-fifty according to last night’s results.  What has also been true is the division within our party, but we have shown we can overcome that problem.  Today we can rest in our victories from state to state.  As of today, there are more Republican governors than there have been since 2000 and we built that.  We kept the focus locally and it paid off.  With steadfast determination we will, once again, rise from these humble beginnings.


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